Playoff format suggestion for superleague.

Just about to run our 1st “super selfie league” playoffs. We will have about 8 or 9 qualifiers.

I would like to reward maybe the top 2 with some weight in the playoffs (a bye or something)

We have 5 machines on location.

What format would you suggest?

If we have 8 players then I was thinking 1 and 2 get byes. The other 6 go into 2 groups of 3 and play all 5 machines using 3210 scoring. One from each group advances. That leaves 4 players. Then the last 4 do the same thing.

Qualifying in addition to this format should get us close to the max 24 games played I believe.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Also one question…if we have 9 qualify then how would that work?

I always like the 4 player match play ladder, similar to the old style PAPA Circuit (and the modern final rounds of the Circuit). Maybe not quite what you were looking for but it encourages players who were already qualified to keep fighting for those top spots which is always fun!

For next selfie league, or any tourney/league, you should determine (and announce) how many will qualify and what the finals format will be BEFORE you begin qualifying. Don’t wait until you’re about to have the playoffs. Players need to know what they’re shooting for, and if you have byes, top seed benefits, etc.


I actually did that but the format I had was set for if I had 20 players. (Ladder format). Since I only have 8 or 9 I dont think that format would work.

I am subscribed to matchplay. I will have to check that out :slight_smile:

Sounds like you’re doing a ladder format this month :slight_smile:

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We have 8 finalists in our superleague and we do a ladder.

Ok cool.

So if we have 9 players then 6, 7, 8, 9 play maybe 3 games and 2 are eliminated.
Then 4,5,6,7 play 3 games and 2 more are eliminated
Then 2, 3, 4, 5, play 3 games and 2 more are gone
Then 1, 2, 3 play all 5 games to determine the final standings.

How does that sound?

I’d say run whatever format you’d previously announced. What you’re proposing sounds like a solid idea for next month!

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OK cool. I did announce a ladder format so I will stick with it. I was not sure the ladder would work with such small numbers but sounds like it will. I haven’t ran that format before so I was unsure. After thinking it through and consulting it seems like it will work with 20 or 8 players.

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When we do it, we just remove one each round, and do one game per round. So it goes pretty quickly and easily.

Ok cool. How long does that take with roughly 9 players?

How are games chosen during each round of a ladder format? Assuming one game per round?

Typically the entering player gets to pick.


@haugstrup does MatchPlay support ladder format? I haven’t poked around for that for a finals but that’s always a fun format :slight_smile:

High seed always picks.

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I think this is what your referring to?

It doesn’t. No one ever asked for it (to the best of my recollection). It’s not hard to support, but is it worth it? I mean this is a tournament format that you can run not just without software – you don’t even need a piece of paper! :slight_smile: