Pinvasion IV

I am pleased to announce this year I’ll have a Pinvasion t-shirt made. It’s probably long overdue, but I’m excited to announce that Dirty Donny is working on a design that will be the logo for the back of this year’s shirt, and he’ll also be doing a black light poster series! Keep an eye out for an upcoming give away for Dirty Donny’s book that I will be doing on the Pinvasion site is Facebook tournament page,
More info about the artwork will also be available soon. I will have shirts & posters for sale. The shirt and posters are available and a tournament package that includes a shirt & $20 in entries
Dirty Donny is considered one of the most influential artists in the pop culture scenes of underground rock, punk, and heavy metal. He is widely known for his creative work on concert posters, album covers and, recently has done artwork for three Stern Pinball machines (Metallica, Pabst Can Crusher and Aerosmith)


If you plan to participate in the Main, Classics or Women Events and would like a shirt featuring a Dirty Donny Gillies art piece created for us we’re featuring a $5 off bundle on our website till May 30th. You get a $25 shirt and $20 of entries (7) for $40. If you’re not attending but would like a shirt they’re on our site for $25. The site can be found here: .

We’re also having a contest, to enter like our Facebook page.

  • Contest is open to US residents only.


Rack cards we created…


We still have some scorekeeping slots available.

1 hour earns you 3 entries
2 hours earns you 9 entries
We also have some 2 hour slots that will earn you 10 entries.

Here is the link below - Thanks!

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Took the 9am-11am Saturday slot. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.


These fellers are online