Pintoberfest 9 Colorado

As usual Donavan put on a great event and payed out $2k! Payed out 8 deep to A and B. His games are always dialed. Everyone cool and low key playing some good ball. Also i need 100 views on this video by midnight or ffej is going to quit all social media. Er maybe that’s not the way to sell this lol.

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link didn’t work (forum software obliterates them sometimes)

Try again found the link tool pintoberfest 9

Looks like a fantastic event. I am thoroughly jealous of the Colorado pinball scene.

Cool to see somebody still using the Adam Lefkoff tournament software. I like it. I’ve used it before and will probably use it again.Fej, don’t you know death saves are illegal?:skull_crossbones:


In fact, The “Adam Lefkoff tournament software” was originally created specifically for the very first Pintoberfest 9 years ago, and DNO has used the same crappy old laptop computer I gave him with the program every year since, lol


You don’t have to worry about updates at least!

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