Pintastic New England 2021 is on.

There WILL be a 2021 edition of Pintastic New England, coming
this November 18-21 to the newly renovated Sturbridge Host Hotel,
where the first five shows were held. We hope that you will be
able to attend and play in one or more of our tournaments!

These dates had no conflicting pinball shows in North America as
of March 31st. The new owners of the hotel have been spending
heavily on upgrades. The guest rooms have been overhauled and the
in-room video now has around 100 channels. The function rooms we
use are being redecorated. The highway exit numbers have been
renovated, too: take Exit 78 off I-90 to I-84, then Exit 6B and
go West about a mile.

At this time, we still plan to have the vendor hall, flea market,
seminars, family entertainment, and tournaments. Tournament player
points will be determined by the IFPA. The Silverball Rumble(SM),
Silverbelle Brawl(SM), and teen tournaments are definitely on,
points or no points. Other tournaments will be announced later.

You can book hotel rooms now. Use the button on

to ensure that you get the Pintastic room rate. Limited Edition
passes will go back on sale later in April, with other passes on
sale starting June 25th.

With this date change, we have a lot of outreach and planning to
do during April. We have set up a special web page

to post information and FAQ answers.

Mark your calendars and make your plans!
The Pintastic Crew

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