Pintastic live stream & standings link?

Anyone have either? Cant find much info online :confused:

Found the standing link with some guessing on the never drains site

Hopefully they will have some Saturday qualifying/finals streaming available.

I think the stream is/will be on

Thanks Steve.
Someday it will be much easier to find this information without texting or facebooking friends at the event. Someday is not today.

Stream for finals here. Starts at 3PM.

Bracket here:

ChallOnge :wink:

Stupid autocorrect.

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Wow. Eric Stone is a beast. He just won both the Classics and Main tournaments at SFGE two years in a row and follows it up with a win at Pintastic.

Edit: Just noticed this is also his second year in a row winning Pintastic!

Loved the stream with Jeff and Greg announcing. Great job!

Thanks Tom! That was a lot of fun.

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