Pins without a licensed property do NOT lack a theme


The left orbit on Cinema by Chicago Coin. I’m pretty sure it’s actually more narrow than the width of the ball, which manages to squeeze through once every 50 games or so.


The extra ball shot on SW:Ep1 comes to mind. Yes, it’s easy enough to “shoot” on the plunge, but getting extra ball lit on ball 3 is pretty much just a tease since it’s impossible to really aim for.


4/6 targets to light kick back on sttng.


Even the term ‘unlicensed’ seems odd to me – almost implying the game is in some IP grey area. I’m more of a fan of the term ‘Original IP’.


Let’s just call them games, and everything else crummy advertising deals.


I played No Good Gofers last night. The sandtrap would seem to qualify. I don’t think it’s possible to get in there other than by accident.


Similarly, bottom right drop target(s) on Buck Rogers.


It is somewhat machine setup dependent, but there have definitely been NGGs where I can make a 75-80% success rate on the sand trap.


Now you’ve made me feel inadequate :wink:


I think Gottlieb would like to have a word with you :slight_smile:


Unless I’m mistaken, they’ve gone out of business? :wink:


Well even Lawlor likes to use layouts that include more than just north-south shots… or shots that can’t be hit from the ‘fan base’

Or games like Black Rose which present objectives that are shootable from the italian bottom, they aren’t just squared up to those flippers (the target banks).

Or any number of the wild split playfield designs people came up with in the decades prior to the 90s. Playfields have just gotten very conservative… not that it’s impossible. Look at how many EM designs or Gottlieb/Premier designs that broke the playfield into different regions with targets not directly hittable from the two main flippers, etc.


Sure, I was ignoring machines with additional flippers. But, for those, the same thing applies: the only possible shots from any flipper, no matter where it is, radiate out in a fan shape from that flipper. Basically, the opening of any ramps and the like has to face the flipper, otherwise the shot can’t be made.


WH20 - Secret passage
Scared Stiff - Secret passage
Black Rose - Secret passage from a failed ramp shot
Cue Ball Wizard - Both bank shot saucers
BSD - The Asylum (scoop to the left of the left ramp)
IJ/CV/ToM - Secret Ball Locks
Aerosmith - The A & M Standups

None achievable from a ‘perfect’ straight shot, but all coded as shots


I can assure you I can hit the A and the M directly. Just not with any regularity!

Adding to the list, the two ball locks on Catacomb.