Pinholics Anonymous Pintervention Circuit Championship

The 2nd annual Pintervention Circuit Championship happens tomorrow at the House of Stone in McLean, Va. Based on the PAPA Circuit format, 22 events in the Washington, DC metro area were part of the Pintervention Circuit this year. Each contributed $50 from their prize pool to the Pintervention prize pool. The Pinholics Anonymous periodic tournament contributed $100 and Pinabler Tours contributed $60 (both Pinholics Anonymous run events). Total prize pool before entry fee was $1150 this year. Not bad for a ‘local’ circuit. Total prize pool will be $2000 for the 40 players participating.

At this event, I bow out and do not play (even though I would have been the clear #1 seed). This is the kind of instance where running a large prize pool tournament out of my own house, and as tournament director, just doesn’t pass the conflict of interest test.

I’ll add some pictures once we’re done tomorrow, including the sweet trophy. Last year’s Pintervention Player of the Year, David Horner, will be back to defend his title. We’ll see how it turns out.