PinFest Tournament 2019 - A Stern Pro Circuit Event


Due to a greater than anticipated participation rate, we are expanding the Main Event A-Division finals from 24 to 32 individuals.

A-Division is now expanded to 32 people.
3-Game PAPA-Style with 4/2/1/0 scoring
Predetermined Banks to be Used
1 to 8 - 2 Byes | 9-16 - 1 Bye
1:00pm - A-Finals Start

C-Division will still be 33 to 40 and the same two-strike group format
D-Division will still be 41 to 48 and the same two-strike group format
3:00pm - C-Finals (33-40) and D-Finals (41-48)

Please spread the word to those who are participating!
If there are any questions please see the Tournament Desk.


Man, Julie Dorssers is kicking butt! I’ve had the pleasure of playing against her at Pinburgh and Buffalo and she is fun to hang out with.


Holy crap!!! Julie is 1st overall!!! Nice job!!! Any live stream of the action?


Wow 1st in Women’s too! Nice job Julie. Represent LOPL!!!


High drama at the end of qualifying! What a crazy finish to watch.


How are tiebreakers going to work?


Nevermind, found the rules! For others wondering:



Looks like they are hosting a video game on /habermania. Hopefully that changes?


Turns out the connection is really poor here, so they are recording it and will post later. The Gauntlet from yesterday is up on the channel, if you want to watch that…


Bummer. I’m sure they’re pretty bummed too. Any idea where/when it will be posted?


ok cool. which channel? you have a link?


Sorry, I was mistaken! I saw the Pinfest logo and thought it was up, but it’s just short clips of qualifying.

It’ll be the same channel:


Ok sweet thanks!


The Final Four is about to flip out!

  1. Steve Zahler
  2. Bowen Kerins
  3. Alexsander Kaczmarczyk
  4. Jerry Bernard


Recordings of the Gauntlet Classic Tournament and Main Pinfest Tournament will go live over the next few days on . Sorry it wasn’t livestreamed, but we did our best.


The videos will live on Twitch here: You can see all the videos as part of this collection of rounds from Pinfest 2019:


For those interested in watching the videos on Youtube, rather than Twitch, The Classics Gauntlet tournament is now live here:


@coreyhulse can you elaborate on what the intent was with the “gauntlet” format ?

Besides being a mislabel of what we’ve always used to label gauntlet (timed objective based competition on multiple games)… I couldn’t figure out the benefit of the staggering and spread of players being described to me was about.


@PinDaddy, any qualifying footage? :grin: