PinFest Tournament 2019 - A Stern Pro Circuit Event


Yes, Eight Ball.


Main Event
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Gilligan’s Island
Popeye Saves the Earth
Rocky & Bullwinkle
Spy Hunter
Barb Wire
Punchy the Clown
Rapid Fire
Cue Ball Wizard

Gauntlet Games
Lord of the Rings
Batman 66
Title Fight
Orbitor 1

One Ball Charity Challenge Game
El Toro

</ End of Joke Reply >

The ACTUAL answer is that the machine announcements will likely not be made until Thursday; we have a handful of machines that we’re awaiting confirmation from the generous owners who are bringing the games, and we will be meeting this weekend to decide which games will fall under the Gauntlet and which will be in the Main.

What I can tell you now:

  • One of the games in the Joke Main Event list above will actually be in the Main Event.
  • The Main Event will have a mix of games from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 10’s. I don’t think we have anything from the 00’s.
  • The Gauntlet will consist of games that fall under the “Classics” category so as to be fast-playing and allow a large volume of people the opportunity to qualify.
  • Bally Eight Ball will be in the Tournament thanks to @djreddog who is bringing his game.

The caveat is that any game we do announce ahead of the event will be subject to change. We’ve had a great outpouring of support from local owners who are willing to lend us machines, but just this week we’ve already had three behind-the-scenes switches as owners are changing up their plans or coming into new games that they are offering.


Is that the Eight (Power)Ball? :smile:


Sure is! All “pool” theme games are required to have a power ball. I also believe all EM’s deserve to have a power ball and that will eliminate any “floaty” play :grinning:


PinFest t-shirts are in! They will be available for sale at the event.

We also have two oversized stuffed cows that will be given to the Main Event and Gauntlet winners! There are lots of mini-cows that will be for the winners of the different divisions of the Main Event.

We also wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU to all of our awesome sponsors!

PinCrossing -
Railroad Street Bar and Grill -
Pinball Gallery -
PinSound -
PinballSTAR -
Rock Fantasy -
Modern Pinball -
Starship Fantasy -
CoinTaker -
Stern Pinball -
Mrs. Pin’s Pinball Podcast -
Marco Specialties -

We will have all sorts of trophies, prizes, and giveaways during the event thanks to our sponsors! Today, we are sharing the awesome trophies for the Women’s Division courtesy of Mrs. Pin’s Pinball Podcast! More will be revealed leading up the event.


Green shirt FTW!


@PAPA_Doug, this man speaks the truth. When are you going to throw a powerball in Target Pool?

This has to be the best trophy anyone can add to their collection. It’s prestigious AND cuddly! Looking forward to the shirts as well - Beck absolutely killed it on the design.


Hey folks, Popping in again to share a little information about the livestream for those looking to watch from home:
We plan to livestream the Classics Gauntlet Playoffs, as well as as much of the ABCD Finals as we can.

We are setting up approximately 8-10 games under camera, so the variety of what is shown on stream should be compelling.

Something I wanted to share this that I am happy to highlight various players and rounds from the stream for those watching or participating, so if you happen to play in a round that I catch on stream, and want the game highlighted to review for yourself, let me know! Obviously, I cannot guarantee I will capture all players on all games, but we’ll do our best.

Also, any sponsors that wish to join us to chat on the livestream are welcome. I would also be happy to invite a few guests on the livestream as well to join in on the discussion, but a quick note on that: This will be family friendly production to the best of our ability, so anyone hopping on the mic needs to be aware of that. We hope the family friendly nature of the event and the tournament can come across in the livestream.


Greetings to all!

This is a summary note about the happenings in the PinFest Tournament coming up on May 3 and 4 in Allentown, PA. We are proud once again to be on the Stern Pro Circuit! is the main website for the event.

Official IFPA Tournaments

  • Main Event - Friday & Saturday
  • “The Gauntlet” - Friday Only
  • One-Ball Charity Challenge - Friday & Saturday - benefiting To Love a Canine


Free Registration! Now Open!

Skip the initial lines and sign up NOW directly on the NeverDrains website! Choose your password for self-queuing and you’ll be given a player number. Everyone gets FOUR free entries to the Main Event.

Volunteers Wanted!

We still have a few volunteer spots still available for Scorekeeping and Registration Desk! Those who sign-up for a 2-Hour shift will be given $20 in tournament credit.

Main Event (Friday and Saturday)

  • Up to 20 Entries; Top Four count for scoring.
  • First FOUR entries are free; $10 for each additional entry.
  • See a team member to queue up for a game.
  • Top 48 make Finals and all receive prizes!
  • 1-24 [A-Div] 25-32 [B-Div] 33 to 40 [C-Div] 41 to 48 [D-Div]
  • Womens, Seniors, Kids, Young Adults, and Newbie Divisions. Top 4 in each will receive additional prizes!
  • Pinburgh Ticket Giveaway! $30 Entry into the Pinburgh Division where the winner gets one ticket and a random player gets the other!

Main Event Finals
For A-Division Finals (Top 24), we are conducting a Tiered-Strike Format for this event which is a hybrid between PAPA-Style finals and a Strikes format. We know this is different, so we wanted to be clear on the structure. This is so that we reach 100% TGP, give top qualifiers an advantage for game and position selections, avoid the need for any tiebreakers, and aim to wrap up finals in an expedient fashion in order to be finished by the time the show closes on Saturday night.

Details in the rules document here:

Example Bracket here:

The Gauntlet (Friday Event)

  • Purchase an Entry for $20; Play five games in a row.
  • Only one entry per person! All games count! Top 12 will make Finals.

A comprehensive rules document can be found here:

Prize Announcements

  • All Main Event (top 48) and Gauntlet (top 12) Finals qualifiers will receive cash + an awesome cow trophy! Those who go further into Finals will win more money and more prizes!
  • The overall winner of Main and The Gauntlet will receive a GIANT STUFFED COW with the PinFest logo! And lots of “mini-cows” for winners of various divisions.
  • The Top 4 in each of our Divisions (Womens, Seniors, Young Adults, and Newbie) will receive money and prizes!
  • The Top 4 Kids (11 and Under) will each receive a PinBox3000!
  • Winner of the One-Ball Charity Challenge will receive a full PinSound installation kit!
  • The Main Event Finals will feature “Grudge Matches” where winners will receive awesome translites courtesy of Stern Pinball and PinballStar!
  • We have lots of additional prizes to give away courtesy of sponsors!
    We also wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU to all of our awesome sponsors!

PinCrossing -
Railroad Street Bar and Grill -
Pinball Gallery -
PinSound -
PinballSTAR -
Rock Fantasy -
Modern Pinball -
Starship Fantasy -
CoinTaker -
Stern Pinball -
Mrs. Pin’s Pinball Podcast -
Marco Specialties -

We are partnering with Habermania for streaming this year! We’ll be doing a test run on Friday and will look to stream live on Saturday. Bear with us though, as we hear the Internet can be spotty. If we can’t stream live we will record and archive later on.

Upcoming PinCrossing Events
PinCrossing is the group hosting this year’s PinFest Tournament! We’re in Linfield, PA and have 16 awesome pinball machines!

Here are some upcoming events:




Epic trolling!


I may or may not have gotten a panicked IM from a player asking if the list was real. Apparently it was being passed around without the < Joke > disclaimer.

We’ve also removed the joke games from NeverDrains since it seemed to be causing some actual confusion among players and have replaced it with:



Reminder that all players can pre-register for the Main Event to get their player number and four free entries:


I wanted to give a BIG shout-out to our volunteers today! The tournament area is nearly set up and ready to go!

All players should pre-register for the Main Event to get their player number and four free entries: (

Show doors open at Noon. Self-Queueing and Tournament start will be turned on as close to Noon as possible assuming the tournament directors have cleared the games for play.

Here is the anticipated game list, with the caveat that games could drop out tomorrow if we see any problems. Notes for all machines at available on NeverDrains under the individual game pages:

One-Ball Charity Challenge, supporting To Love a Canine:
Scared Stiff
$5 for 2 Games
Winner will receive a PinSound installation kit!

Friday Gauntlet - play will occur in the following order:
G1 - Raven - You must queue on Raven to enter the queue for The Gauntlet.
G2 - Eight Power Ball
G3 - Little Chief
G4 - Supersonic
G5 - Pinball Pool
G6 - Motordome

Main Event:
Atlantis (Bally) - Modded ROM, see Notes on NeverDrains.
Bank Shot
Big Valley
Black Knight
Black Knight: Sword of Rage (Pro)
Doodle Bug
Fish Tales
Joker Poker
The Getaway: High Speed 2
Wild Card

Thank you again to everyone who has supported the event, and we look forward to seeing everyone this weekend!


A true gauntlet. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this format where you have to play the games in that order. Cool man! See ya later today





Oh my.


I’m curious how the usage% shakes out for the games in the main lineup. With a limit of 20 entries and so many short playing titles it leads me to think the overall usage will be on the low side. Not a critique, just interested in the efficiency of it.

For those who attended, are the variables pretty similar to last year? 15 games in main, heavy on classics, 20 entries.


That was actually a mistake! We have it on 5-ball. We’re mean, but not THAT mean. It’s been corrected on NeverDrains. I’m also surprised no one brought it to our attention today given the number of people that played through it.

I’m interested to see game usage too when it’s all said and done. Looked like queues were a consistent 2-3 deep all day. We ended up with 15 in Main this year (lower than last year), but we’ve had 185 people come through so far in day one. I’m very interested to see what tomorrow brings.


Make sure you advance at least 10% so you don’t screw your tgp


Appreciate that! I didn’t think we’d get close to 240, but given the trajectory we’re working on a back-up plan that might have to involve switching Doodle Bug to 3-Ball.