PinClash - Online Head-to-Head Tournament - Dec 5

Hello TiltForums!

After loads of planning, on December 5 I will be running PinClash on This is a free-to-enter remote, single elimination head-to-head pinball tournament for all pinball streamers with a $1k cash prize for 1st place!

Full details and the competitor application can be found at Applications close on October 18 and the game selection will come shortly after that. This is looking to be a bit larger than I originally anticipated but it’s great to see the high level of interest in the tournament. Thanks to everyone that has already applied!



Popcorn ready! This sounds awesome, Karl. If it’s half as good as any of your IE streams, it’ll be great.


Application sent!

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Norway has submitted application :smiley:


Stern’s Jurassic Park has been selected as the game with a whopping 50% ownership rate from all applicants! Everyone that applied should have received an email today with details on the qualification round beginning on October 23, a streamed Competition Escape Nublar Challenge. The applicant pool was larger than expected and as such, only the top 24 best times from the 3 week qualification round will be competing on December 5. has been updated showing a list of competitors with Jurassic Park and will be updated frequently as Escape Nublar times are submitted.


PinClash is this Saturday! Tune in at 3pm EST/12pm PST on to watch the action!


@kdeangelo I watched some of the Pinclash Dress Rehearsal… looked good!

Is there are way to show the time/PinClash point tiers on the screen as players are playing? Without it, viewers who haven’t read the rules and point tiers won’t know that it’s not a Win/Loss for each challenge based on who finishes each fastest.

Also, for future PinClashes, if you want to shorten the initial rounds and prevent ties, then award one bonus point for each challenge/match won, so that way there will always at least be a "-2 to “-1” winner, even if they tie on PinClash points.

Not as they’re playing as there’s simply no space available. They will be shown between challenges, and if one player finishes early the scoring chart for the current challenge tier will be displayed on the side.

I purposely avoided win/loss points when designing this. If they tie they move onto a Nublar tiebreaker!


As long as its not a tiebreaker on Pteranodon…


Question. Is this live, or pre-recorded and edited?



This event has been awesome! Steve & Snow have been doing an amazing job commentating. Jeff Teolis interviews in between matches has been great. Muted games and players was a great decision, leaving just the commentary. And the heads up battles are quick, cool, and entertaining. Really makes watching pinball streaming much more fun and interesting. I have a brand new GNR and have been watching this instead, what’s wrong with me haha! Well done.


Congrats to Karl for making all this possible.
Congrats to Escher, Raymond, Luke and Adam for your 1st through 4th finishes.
Congrats to everyone else who qualified for playing well to entertain us today.
Congrats to Steven, Snow and Jeff for commentary and interviews.
Congrats to the judges and other people who helped make this possible (I didn’t catch all the names; they’re in the end credits).
It actually worked. Live. First and only try.


I’m going to intentionally warp your context of “only” here, and hope that this won’t be the last time we see a competition in this format.


This was so fun to watch. We had it on from beginning to end.

Loved the player bios/interviews before each round. That was great exposure for everyone.

Karl crushed it with the production. No surprise there.

Thanks to all the people that helped run it (@PinballProfile, @FunWithBonus, @snowgalvin, etc) everyone did such a great job and it’s not easy talking on stream for that long.

Hopefully there are more of these and I can find a way to participate!


What a blast! It was on all day here at Bang Back. We really should have had a viewing party for it. Great times. Thank you everyone involved, especially Karl of course. Crushing the frontlines man, keep it up. What a nice pinball relief.

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I’d like to see one with TMNT, but Im not sure it’s got the breadth of objectives that JP does.

It will most likely be more stern games that lots of people have. I’d be surprised if Maiden isn’t the next one.

That or AIQ, which I’d assume would be 1.0 by then.

Huge thanks as usual to @kdeangelo, @FunWithBonus, @snowgalvin, @PinballProfile, and all the behind the scenes work that made this possible. I’d love to see this evolve into a live competition once we get over the COVID hump.


Excellent job by everyone involved! Great numbers for viewing, between 300-400 throughout the stream. I need to remind myself to try and stay out of the chat. A couple of times it really took my enjoyment of the whole thing right down the drain. My own issues, I know.