Pincinnati: The Greater Cincinnati Pinball Show IV 12/1/20202- 12/3/2023

I see 2 waitlists - one for friday and one for saturday. Do i have to be on both waitlists? What is the second waitlist for?


Yes. One waitlist for each tournament.

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The road to Pincinnati tournament details for those that want to get to town early for more WPPRs!:

Arcade Legacy in Sharonville, OH

Three tournaments just aren’t enough for Pincinnati week, so let’s make it five! Wednesday and Thursday before Pincinnati we will be having an event each night. Wednesday is the classics tournament. Thursday is the moderns tournament. Details for each are below.

Wednesday - All games in this tournament will be EM or Solid State. Seven rounds of matchplay qualifying. 7/5/3/1 scoring. Top 16 to finals. Three elimination rounds with three games each round. Also 7/5/3/1 scoring. Top two from each group advance. Final four is the final round for placement. Top seed in each group picks bank or position for all three games. Second seed picks whatever first seed does not.

Start time is 6pm. Doors open at 2pm. Entry fee is $15. No coin drop required. Payout to the top 8.

Thursday - All games in this tournament will be DMD or LCD moderns. Four strikes event. Bottom two players in three and four player groups take a strike.

Start time is 6pm. Doors open at 2pm. Entry fee is $15 plus coin drop. Payout to the top 8.

Also. Get your hotel rooms while you can! Cheap rate turns off 11/8!

If they are out of king bed rooms, they should have double bed rooms. Contact me if having issues. Thanks!,%20Cincinnati,%20OH,%20US&srb_u=1&qRmFltr=

Is the discount code supposed to work for Sunday night, December 3rd? I was planning to leave out on Monday. I’m pretty sure it did work on Sunday in previous years.

No. Only Thursday through Saturday.

But I’ll email them and see.

Tournament games are here! Announcing a couple every day until all 36 games are announced.

Alien Star
Atlantis (Bally)
Bad Girls
Big Deal
Big Game
Bow and Arrow
Demolition Man
Diamond Lady
Doctor Who
Foo Fighters pro
Game of Thrones Premium
Grand Prix
High Hand
High Speed II
Hot Tip
Johnny Mnemonic
Jungle Queen
Mando Prem
Mario Andretti
Mata Hari
Medieval Madness
Metallica Pro
Rush Pro
Space Station
Stranger Things Pro
Surf n Safari
The Walking Dead LE


FYI. Tournaments all weekend at Pincinnati streaming from

Women’s qualifying -1pm Friday
Open Strikes - 5pm Friday
Women’s amazing race finals - Saturday 10am
Open Matchplay - Saturday 2pm
Finish up Matchplay Finals- Sunday 10am
Gauntlet coverage to follow immediately after Matchplay finals Sunday

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Best pinball show of the year!

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