Pincinnati: The Greater Cincinnati Pinball Show 11/30-12/2


Hey Everyone!

Wanted to get a thread for this on Tilt as well. Happy to announce the first annual Greater Cincinnati Pinball Show! We are calling it Pincinnati. is the website - Pinside thread - Facebook Page

This will be over 100 pinball machines on freeplay. It will be a smaller venue (think Cleveland without the tournament area). Some arcades, but not many.

I will detail my plans for the tournaments, but in a nutshell, a IFPA unrestricted matchplay event Friday, another one Saturday, and a Gaunlet Sunday. Please note: using the show games for the tournament will only be done year 1 (assuming it is a sucess). We have the option to expand year 2. That will allow a separate tournament room.

Hope to see some of you there!



Friday lunchtime so I figured I’d get the conversation going on the tournaments I plan to run at the show.

I know these might not be the most popular formats/setups to the veteran players, but i wanted to try and create something that newer players and vets would want to play in.

None of this is finalized yet, but here is what i was thinking:

Tournament Games: These will be 20 games amongst the show games. They will all be together, and will be thoroughly tested and set up accordingly the night before the show after everything is set up. These games will not be off limits to show goers. If you’re up on a game, wait in line just like you would if you were just hanging out at any other show. We will have limited ticket sales and lines should not be long at all. Certainly not as long as waiting for herb.

We will be using match play to run the tournaments. This will allow everyone to follow along/submit results as they play. I will also have a table with screens set up for anyone that doesn’t like to use smart phones.

Friday night

$20 buy in 4 strike group match play. Bottom two in 4p game get strikes, bottom player in 3p group gets strike.

Start at around 5. Hopefully finish by 10-11. Maybe take a break midway through.


$20 buy in. Start at 11 or noon. 8 rounds of group match play 7,5,3,1 scoring. Top 16-24 in A (depending on players), next 16 are B. Group Matchplay finals. Take a break after 4 rounds of qualifying and in between qualifying and finals. Depending on attendence, hoping this is over by 9-10pm.


Gauntlet. 6 games of the 20 tournament games will have goals posted on them all weekend to allow for practice.

Starting at 10 am Sunday we will allow attempts on the gauntlet. Second attempts on the Gaunlet are not allowed until everyone that has wanted to run it has run it. Each attempt is $10.

When it is your turn, we will say go, you have 7 mins to complete the 6 tasks amongst the games. Complete them in any order or however you want. If you complete all 6, we log your time. If it takes 7 mins or more, your time is 7 mins and we log how many tasks you completed.

8-16 best times (depending on entries) at 1pm make finals. Matchplay finals.

15% of all entries will go to ifpa fees and trophies. The remiander is cash prizes to the players. Unsure on the splits as of now.

Specific rules of the tournaments will be locked in at a later date too.

I always appreciate advice on this stuff so let me know what you think.


I really like the gauntlet idea, that sounds like a ton of fun.


Thanks! @trent told me about it a while back. I’ve ran it twice at my house. It’s tons of fun. Funny to watch how everyone tries to tackle it.


Does Gauntlet award WPPRs? I assume Fri and Sat tournaments would, but not sure how gauntlet format plays into TGP…


I’ll let @pinwizj shoot me down if he wants, but since technically each game can be completed in one ball, I assume we will get the same credit as pingolf. 1/3 a game per game in qualifying. So 2 meaningful games in qualifying. Then obviously the direct play group match play for finals would get us another 12-18 meaningful games depending on the turnout.


You nailed it.


Also I just had a random idea that could be sweet. Have an extra special trophy if the same person wins all three ifpa events. The triple crown of Pincinnati. Haha