Pinburgh / ReplayFX app - receive alerts

We’ve built an app that allows you to “build” your own schedule for ReplayFX and receive alerts when things you want to see or participate in are about to happen. It can be used for anything on the ReplayFX schedule, but for this crowd, it can specifically be used to alert you when anything Pinburgh-related is about to begin, like new rounds, finals, etc.




Really nice to add this. Great!

This looks neat. Any chance you’re able to share why it requires android.permission.READ_LOGS on Android though? That allows the app to get at a lot of really sensitive data.

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So… we don’t know. But!

  1. We are not in any way tracking anything you do.
  2. We’re trying to figure out WHY it’s asking for that permission, and hope to have it gone before the show starts.
  3. The code is open source, so if you want to help, you can take a look at it:


Do alerts for events get sent at event time start or some time before? Can this be configurable?

It will notify you 15 minutes prior to the event. The event must be selected by you and put in your schedule before you get any notifications.

The reminder time isn’t configurable, but that’s a good suggestion for next year!

Just to add to what Elizabeth mentioned, the developer said this was likely some kind of boilerplate addition that got left in, isn’t required, and they’re working on removing. We don’t even know what events you add to your schedule. That information is kept on your phone.



Edit: redownloaded it and everything is fine!

I’m having issues with the app. Worked fine when I first downloaded it, but now nothing loads and the navigation links are clashing into each other. Should I just delete some redo?

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I just got the toast notification that round 1 of pinburgh is starting … One day late. I guess there might be an issue there? :slight_smile:


Mine got jacked up like that even after I deleted and re-downloaded it. But it worked long enough for me to put my schedule in and it kept sending notifications, so I just left it. Are you on iOS?