I was wondering the same thing…


Three groups contacted @mhs ahead of time to see if they could purchase tickets for their leagues/tournaments. We said it was fine to do so for promotional reasons, but they had to be purchased when tickets went on sale during the rush.

Pinburgh 2018 registration

See also:
71 Belles Fundraiser
324 Jackbar Give-a-way
325 Jackbar Give-a-way 2


They’re sponsoring the winner of a tournanent they’re hosting with a ticket to Pinburgh! It’s pretty neat! One ticket is being given out as a random drawing too.


I’m one of those on the waitlist that secured a ticket. I’d like to get off the waitlist and help inspire hope to the less fortunate further down on the list, but not sure how.


7 Vermont players this year – a new record – and 3 more on the wait list.

We’ve got you beat per capita. :smiley:


I have mixed feelings about this.


I think I know where you’re going with this - as long as the ticket was purchased the same way as all the others (looks like it was) then the only issue I see is with the non-transferrable nature of Pinburgh tickets. Exceptions can be made I guess?


Speaking of tickets, I wonder how crazy the bids would have gotten for the magic eBay ticket if they had waited until Pinburgh sold out to start the auction.

Then again, I had no idea it got to $405 until I just checked.


I cant wait to play with Jackbar Give-a-way the 2nd. Do you have to legally change your name to Jackbar Give-a-way 2 to pick up your badge? :slight_smile:


No, they contacted Mark previously to ensure they could transfer to the winner of their promotion.

Other locations and leagues have given away tickets in the past as well, this really isn’t a new thing.

Pinburgh 2018 registration

Yeah, there were two Swiss players I read about (either here, or on Pinside) that ended up on the waiting list even though they won a promotion for tickets because they couldn’t secure them when tickets went on sale.


If someone gets off the waitlist, do they have to buy a ticket in their name or can they buy a ticket for someone else?

Just thinking of those duplicate names that are both the player and waiting list…


I would guess that because tickets are not transferable, waitlist spots aren’t either. Doesn’t seem fair otherwise.

I’m curious about how the prize tickets will work if the winner either already has a ticket or can’t go. Will the winner get to designate someone to take their place or will they have to forfeit the prize? Will the promotion organizers choose an alternate or will it go to the next person on the waitlist?


the name on the waitlist has to be the person signing up.


That would be up to the people running the promotion.


Makes me wonder what the Belles Fundraiser is. I suspect they will pull in a pretty penny if it’s an auction or similar!

Also curious about the Jackbar giveway. (Found the info for the Level One Bar + Arcade event.) It’s a good thing I’m not a cat…


Great, thanks Doug!

Another question I had is how many total players are there in the tournament? I thought it was 800 put the player list says 837?


It will be 840.


There were a few cancellations I believe that haven’t been filled yet.