Wednesday night would have worked out nicely, but I bought tickets for Detroit instead.


I’m open to bribes. Cash only.


Sounds like this is the first time you’ve got a concert-time conflict.

Welcome to my life:

The Decemberists vs PAPA
Lindsey Stirling vs Pinburgh
Radiohead vs Pinburgh

@PAPA_Doug, what is this?


How about a handful of these shiny PAPA tokens rattling around in my pocket?


Trying to bribe the mint with its own money…a bold move for sure.


Player List is up.

(My money’s on #576.)


@gammagoat isn’t the lone “I” guy this year


Counted 22 on the players list from Michigan, and 20 on the wait list.


So what’s the deal with Level one bar + arcade?


Good news for those on the waitlist! There are about 29* players who appear to be on both the Player List and Waitlist and 6 duplicate names on the Waitlist.

Waitlist Player List Name
3 425 John Moran
4 164 Craig Genievich
5 835 Zak Bowers
8 636 Nikola Spasic
16 790 Tim Peterson
22 137 Chris Frame
33 819 Uchende Nwachuku
35 650 Paul McGlone
40 399 Jim Smith AZ*
45 713 Ryan Spindler
58 233 Diane Smith
61 428 John Shopple
62 355 Jason Plourde
88 638 Noah Davis
104 557 Matt Wycoff
107 152 Christopher Vaught
109 204 David Henry
120 725 Scott Belisle
122 627 Nick Delehanty
140 492 Kyle Smith
145 737 Shane Yozzo
151 402 Jody Jodon
176 208 David Medaillon
182 90 Brad Stark
188 542 Martin Robbins
204 628 Nick Greenup
209 185 Darren Ensley
225 527 Marion Richards
252 528 Mark Brown OH*


Name Waitlist positions
Bob Mueller 149, 222
Jason Bokor 38, 156
Leslie Peake 398, 404
Olle Strandh 203, 350
Tatum Hooton 136, 161
Tim Zollner 127, 186

*Possibly different people. Might be other shared names, too.


I was wondering the same thing…


Three groups contacted @mhs ahead of time to see if they could purchase tickets for their leagues/tournaments. We said it was fine to do so for promotional reasons, but they had to be purchased when tickets went on sale during the rush.

Pinburgh 2018 registration

See also:
71 Belles Fundraiser
324 Jackbar Give-a-way
325 Jackbar Give-a-way 2


They’re sponsoring the winner of a tournanent they’re hosting with a ticket to Pinburgh! It’s pretty neat! One ticket is being given out as a random drawing too.


I’m one of those on the waitlist that secured a ticket. I’d like to get off the waitlist and help inspire hope to the less fortunate further down on the list, but not sure how.


7 Vermont players this year – a new record – and 3 more on the wait list.

We’ve got you beat per capita. :smiley:


I have mixed feelings about this.


I think I know where you’re going with this - as long as the ticket was purchased the same way as all the others (looks like it was) then the only issue I see is with the non-transferrable nature of Pinburgh tickets. Exceptions can be made I guess?


Speaking of tickets, I wonder how crazy the bids would have gotten for the magic eBay ticket if they had waited until Pinburgh sold out to start the auction.

Then again, I had no idea it got to $405 until I just checked.


I cant wait to play with Jackbar Give-a-way the 2nd. Do you have to legally change your name to Jackbar Give-a-way 2 to pick up your badge? :slight_smile: