ReplayFX is July 9-12 this year.

Have 2021 dates been solidified yet? That’s when my brother’s getting married.

Website shows the waitlist procedure might be different this year with it opening up at 1PM.

PS to the powers that be the “Your” in option 3 is driving my friend and I’m sure others crazy lol

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Those dates have not been chosen yet. 2020 is the last year of our current contract with the DLCC.

I sympathize as I’m in suspense about it too. It may conflict with a work function for me and that would make for a very, very tough choice. One that may involve crazy shenanigans involving flying internationally with extreme jet lag in an attempt to get to both.

Is the 1 PM wait list a new thing? Don’t remember it being that way last year? I guess folks will have to wait almost an hour after the sellout occurs at 12:00:08 PM. So F5 your way on to the wait list also…

Possibly because a bunch of tickets are held in carts for 15 minutes and become available at 12:15? That creates a situation to sort out where they have people on the wait list who actually got tickets.


I posted my photo’s from last year here:

can’t remember if I shared any of them and found the memory stick with them all in last night! :smiley:


Just where on the screen is that “buy tickets” box going to be?

Top right last year. I used the time of the VIP scramble to practice.



What is the deal with the waitlist deletes prior to 1pm?

Are we now expected to hit the waitlist at 1pm if we don’t get tickets at 12pm?

Please clarify.

No tutorial video on sign-up strats yet? Surely there has to be a podcast that covers it.


Did you ever find out the answer to this? I’m curious as well. (how many tickets can we buy? 4 or 5?)

“each person is permitted to buy up to five pinburgh entries”

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Sweet thanks!

The waitlist opens at 1 PM this year.

Seperating the waitlist start and the ticket start will hopeully eliminate some of the hundreds of duplicate names (names on both the waitlist and people who got tickets) we have to wade through each year.


There are SQL queries that can automate this. Maybe your architecture has similar functionality.

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Is there a link available for the waitlist?


That’s fine and thanks for clarifying.

My only other concern would be the deletion of waitlist sign ups before 1pm, which is mentioned on the replayfx website.

Does this mean that players will still have the option of waitlist sign up prior to 1pm?

More sensibly and hopefully, I would expect the waitlist to be available starting at 1pm and not be available prior to 1pm. Much like the ticket buying option. If not, it won’t be identifiable to the player whether or not he/she has signed up too early causing the sign up to be deleted and further delaying being added to the list.

Hopefully the software will be friendly to the new waitlist schedule.

Thanks for clarifying

You are assuming people are capable of typing their own name twice in a row without variation. They are not.