Pinburgh help. Pintips?


I’m getting a huge string of code in a pink/red pop up box when I click on Save as I try to add a tip. It goes away quickly, so I got a quick screen shot of part of it…


Same here…


Whoops, sorry about that @Snailman and @Frisbez – all fixed now!


Tried to add Game Show, but it says it already exists… yet it doesn’t show up.
While I, too, wish that Game Show could be removed from pinball existence, it showed up in Pinburgh. :slight_smile:


Added it for you. Not sure what went wrong. I obviously don’t have any tips of my own…


Three games from the Pinburgh banks were not in my EMcyclopedia update: Gator, Nip-It and Slick Chick. Attached are guides to these three games. Feel free to merge them into the main EM file or your various links as needed.

EMcyclopedia Gator Nip-It Slick Chick.pdf (416.0 KB)


@epthegeek Any chance you could open up account creation, so people can contribute to the wiki?


I’ll get these added in as soon as I can, definitely by the weekend; but I’m at an event today/tomorrow so it might not be right away.


Quicker version of Slick Chick: nail the skill shot. Pray.


IPDB link to El Toro is showing WMS El Toro. Bally El Toro tips are given.


Wiki em guide updated with the 3 additions. Thanks Bob!