Pinburgh help. Pintips?


Cannot say enough about how amazing a resource like Pintips is. I reccomend it to anyone getting into pinball regardless of them being interested in tournament play or not.

The creation of searchable banks by Corey Hulse took Pintips and the other guides to the next leve and certainly earned me several points on day 2.

Thanks to everyone that has contributed, and thanks to those that are working together to create an amazing resource for both the tournament and casual player.


just curious, but does it make a difference if the tips are regarding the setup of that specific game – “the tilt is extra tight”, “the feed from the orbit is going STDM” or whatever?


It probably would, though I would also say I’ve never refused to answer a question from anyone about a game I’ve already played to a non-direct competitor.


Can confirm. Keith gave me some tips on Breakshot last year that I’m sure would have been helpful if I didn’t completely suck and drain all three balls right away.


Draft of EM update is now circulating, final will be out later this week.


Can also confirm. Keith gave me tips on stargate and I ended up playing it well


I feel like it could be a fun time to stream, discuss, and update as many of the games in need of tips as possible after the Pinburgh bank announcement - looking through that list, there’s a ton of Replay Foundation staples that could end up in the banks! Plus, I am honor bound to not say anything to anyone once Pinburgh rolls around so :speak_no_evil:


EMcyclopedia Version 2 is up. I’ve sent copies of the pdf around for people to use and post, including to the director here. Over 110 game designs and over 150 machine titles. Enjoy and see you all at Pinburgh!

EMcyclopedia 2018v2.pdf (843.4 KB)


Amazing resource. Thanks for sharing, Bob!


Thank you very much Bob. Fantastic resource.


Bob, I’m working on throwing your fantastic content/tips into a ‘wiki’ setup for easy browsing/linking for pinburgh reference. If you’d rather I not have this online, just say the word and I’ll take it down.

Once I get all the content in, I’ll go back and do some better formatting and link various terms to descriptions (like UTAD) so that if people link to a game page they’re not lost. I’ll also find someway to get a mention that it’s Bob Matthew’s guide on every page for the same reason.

I figured it’d be handy to have the games linkable if pinballspinner does a pinburgh banks reference again.


There are similar efforts underway that I’ve okayed; go ahead! The more places it resides, the better chance more people will find and use it.



Nice work, @epthegeek, I wanted to do something similar, so I can link to the game rules from pinballvideos, but now I’m just going to use yours.

One question, though: Are the URLs final and ready to be linked to, or are they still subject to change (e.g. removing the index.php/ part)?


@BMU - Thank you again for this. This is awesome.

@epthegeek - I’ll be updating the PinballSpinner site as well once the Banks are released this weekend. Linking to a webpage specific to a game is going to be better than linking to the full PDF, so if you don’t mind I’ll make the links to those games your wiki, and still include a link to the PDF on the main page for people to be able to look at the full thing if they so choose.


That was the intent! Love the pinballspinner pinburgh pages!


Yeah - I’ll leave the stock URL with the index.php in it alone. I don’t want to get into the weeds with rewrite rules and whatnot. It’s fine the way it is.


Really good stuff, @BMU and @epthegeek

Bob, I enjoy the stories of your pinball history you’ve embedded into a number of the pin rules descriptions.
Thanks for sharing.


Great stuff! So much homework to do. How many more sleeps? :):heart_eyes:


This is amazing. A lot of the tips pages I use are really short on EMs. I did notice Super Score isn’t in the wiki version. We just got one dropped on location this week in Seattle. I probably know enough to write a short entry on it already, but I don’t want to duplicate anyone’s work.


Be the change you want to see in the world and add your tips to pintips: