Pinburgh help. Pintips?


During an active game can you get coaching at Pinburgh? Ive always thought it was against the rules and avoided asking a question while in an active match when I wasn’t sure about something. Is it only coaching if you are at the table playing asking for help? Not trying to derail, just trying to sort this out.


As long as it is between balls, and not during an active ball, coaching is allowed.


Thanks. I’ve always been confused by the coaching rule.


Alright @kdeangelo I’ve added the “pinburgh2016” category. I didn’t want to forget so I did it now


i have my own secret site, "ask @KCB " :smiley:


I love pintips, but have always felt like I don’t have authoritative enough info to contribute. Decided screw it and have been running down the banks while waiting for my flights adding tips.

What is the standard practice when you disagree with a tip? Don’t vote it up obviously. But do people put in the opposite tip?

E.g. Taxi: “25k + Pickup is pretty much always the best shot.” This is very all or nothing advice. To follow this advice you need to understand enough about the game that you probably don’t need the tip. (Sorry acp if you are here. Don’t take it personally and thanks for the contributions).


From the tips I’ve contributed, I try to keep them just information about the game without always giving any advice on what’s the “best” thing to go for. Usually if it’s something that isn’t necessary, I won’t even mention it.


I always share any information that I have on games immediately following the game with people who seem to be missing an important aspect of the competitive strategy, but I hesitate to do it before/during the game, because it affects the other two players. And I never ask for information until after a game either.

Recently I was playing a competitive 4 player game on Fathom, and realized that I had no idea how to light the spinner (turns out it is just 1 spot target on the playfield which is pretty unusual). Had I asked one of the players and that player had told me how to light it during the game, that might affect where the other two players finished, which seems unfair to me. I waited until after the game and finished the game without the knowledge.


I posted this on Facebook but will share it here as well. Hourly visitor session counts for for the past week or so. It’s fun that you can see when rounds start and when everyone went to dinner.


Haha that is funny. Peaks and valleys. You can see the longer supper break too :slight_smile:


Oh man, this is amazing.


one tip that is huge is to watch what the others are hitting without hovering the player. Learned a valuable lesson seeing a top A player hit the same hole over and over once it was lit then promptly came up after him and did the same thing with a few more hits to get the 3 points…


That is just the most amazing thing to see.

Allow me to pitch another idea of mine. Which could be nice to see happening in line with and other community related and shared work.

Seems the majority of pinball rule cards - all era - are, well, poor. So, what would the ultimate re-designed rule cards look like. Featuring both colour print and images, if desired. But not more text than it is still readable.

To give a player not knowing the game a reasonable understanding of what to do for a competition game, like at Pinburgh.

It is like the pinball Twitter limitation. Describe this game the best way possible in ten short sentences.


Having access to both @stevevt’s notes and Pintips was awesome- based on my finish it didn’t give me any advantage, but at least I was playing bad pinball pointed in the right direction.

And in the spirit of his offer, now that I’m home I’ll work in getting more of it into pintips. @haugstrup - does pintips have any sort of API, or if were to give you a big json or CSV dump in the format of your specification would you be willing to do a bulk upload? First I just want to see if I can de-dupe / name-match the games and tips with any kind of accuracy, but that seems doable.


At Pinburgh, Pintips definitely turned a couple 0s into 1s for me. Thanks!


I like this idea! My only worry with doing a bulk import would be a ton of duplicated tips.

@mrboboto shoot me an email at and I’ll give you some pointers that’ll make your deduping efforts easier. We’ll find out a way to get those tips into the database without you having to copy and paste every tip one by one (either you give me a json file or we figure out some API access).


Just bumping this for any tiltforums members who are not aware of

Pinburgh starts two weeks from today and it can’t hurt to have all of that information available. Good luck everyone :slight_smile:


also @haugstrup I’m interested to see that line graph again before and after pinburgh this year


Remind me again if I forget :slight_smile:


Jörgens old excel sheet… no need for anything else :slight_smile: