Pinburgh "Exceptionally Good Play" - TGP Question


“Heads Up, Josh!”

This poses an interesting question. For the Heads Up tournament, 2-minute drill was one option, and each game counted as “1/3” for TGP purposes. At what point does the choice of time become “WPPR abuse”? If you have lots of rounds and games such that your 1/3’s add up to 25 games overall, is there / should there be a “minimum time standard” for which the 1/3 of a game applies? If you had a 30-second drill option in a tournament, you could conceivably have enough games played in an hour to rate at 100%. I doubt we want that, so what’s the standard? Two minutes seems like a good minimum to me, since it’s close to 1/3 the length of a “typical” tournament game.


I’m not too worried about this until I’m given a reason to actually be worried about this.

If someone wants to run a 75-game 30-second tournament, I would probably contact some of the players to see how it went. Look at the results to see if they seemed to reasonably reflect the skill level of the players that participated, etc.

Let’s see if someone actually wants to go through with that first before condemning anything :slight_smile: