Pinburgh early check-in / badge pickup?

I haven’t seen anything posted yet about early check-in for Pinburgh.

Last year I recall the options were the Wednesday tournament at the PPL clubhouse and that evening in the Westin lobby.

Just curious so I can solidify travel plans. Would rather avoid the Thursday morning line at the convention center. Thanks!

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The Wednesday night checkin at the Westin lobby was brilliant for us out-of-towners. It would be awesome if this could happen again

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speaking of, are any pre-pinburgh tournaments or events planned? I’m getting in at like 10 AM Wednesday and would love to play some pinball before I play more pinball.

I land at the same time but I’m going to take that opportunity to see Pittsburgh while I have the chance.

Couldn’t get any details on event beyond location and hours … fb members only.

From the Facebook page (subject to change):
9 holes of Pingolf with a PAPA style finals

A qualifying round must be started by 6:00PM
Finals will start at 7:30PM

Cost: $10


In order to accomodate more players, there will be two 9 hole courses (The Penguin Course and the Cavalier Course). Groups of 4 players will be sent to one of the courses with each group out alternating.

Scoring will be done using a modified Pinmasters System. Each game will be se to three balls with a target score. If you reach that target, your score is the number of balls it took you to reach target. if you fail to reach the target, your score will be 4 if you got at least 75% of the way to the target. 50% will be a 5, 25% a 6, and a 7 of the player doesn’t get at least 25% of the target.

The Top 8 players from each course will make the finals. Non significant ties will be broken by time of start (the player that plays earlier will be the higher seed). In the event that two players in the same group tie, the player with the better score on the first hole will be the higher seed. If still tied, the second hole is used and so on. In the event that they are still tied after all 9 holes, a coin flip will be used). If a player plays both courses, their highest ranking position will be used for determining the finalists.


Once the 16 finalists have been determined, a PAPA style final will be held. The top seeded player from the Penguins course (P1) will pick a hole. This will be their hole throughout finals and will be unavailable to be chosen by another player. The top seeded player from the Cavalier course will then pick a hole from the remaining 17. The process will be repeated until every player has a hole.

The 16 players will be grouped in groups of 4 (P1,C4,C5,P8/C1,P4,P5,C8/P2,C3,C6,P7/C2,P3,P6,C7). Each group will play the 4 holes that belong to the players in the group. The highest seed chooses the order the 4 holes are played. The highest seed then chooses their position in the game, followed by the next highest seed, and so on. (Pens over Cavs in the event of two same ranked players in a group). The two players with the least number of strokes move on to the next round. In the event of a tie, a tiebreaker game will be played on one of the two games not chosen by the players (determined by a coin flip). The remaining 8 players will be put into two groups of 4 and each group will play the 4 holes of the players in the group, with the top 4 making finals. The final 4 will play the 4 holes of their players.

Final Standings:

1st through 4th will be determined by the order of finish of the final round. The 4 players eliminated in the 2nd final round will be ranked tied for 5th. The 8 eliminated in the 1st final round will be ranked tied for 9th. Nonqualifiers will be ranked based on the number of strokes away from qualifying that they were (players that lose a tiebreaker will be ranked highest, followed by players that missed qualifying by 1 stroke, and so on.

Prizes. To be determined, but 100% of entry fees will be paid out.

Other notes:

The games are on coin drop, and there is a change machine available.

There will be other games available for play.

Some areas around the building will not be available to be parked in. Please obey the signs for parking, or consider car pooling.

There are many great bars and restaurants near the tournament location. Feel free to bring food and drink as well.


I have some friends coming into replay. Seems like tickets are the same online or at the door. Just wondering if I’m right.