Pinburgh - D Division Reset?

I Had a blast at Pinburgh, thanks to everyone involved for the great time!

One questions around the rules/scoring - What’s the reasoning behind reseting D divisions points after Thursday, when the other divisions carry progress?

didn’t look at results on if it would have actually made a difference in making playoffs or anything, but it feels a bit weird to miss C by a point, and then not even get a leg up on Friday from playing better than D average on Thursday, especially when the other divisions do.

Is there history or some past exploit to avoid behind reseting D for day 2?

I could be wrong, but I believe the D reset is to give players who played poorly on Day 1 a chance at qualifying for finals. There wouldn’t be much point in participating if you had no shot at qualifying. I know that if I did very poorly on Day 1, I would be happy for the reset and the clean slate for Day 2.


This is it. Players in D generally had very poor Day 1s and want to forget all about it. Players in the bottom of D had such bad Day 1s that they would have no chance to qualify without the reset.

Generally, the opinion on this is very positive. So, that is why we are changing it for 2018! (No.)


Thanks, good to know.

I guess I should just qualify in another division and avoid the issue entirely :smile: