Pinburgh conundrum


Then that’s why I would keep the rules the way they are then. Makes for a great comeback story.


While I get that Kieth wouldn’t be happy, so we know if other players would be unhappy, or pissed? Maybe I’m the weird one here, but that wouldn’t bother me. I’m not scared, bring on Elwin!

I mean, he’d probably destroy me, in the unlikely scenario, but I still want to have my shot at it.


I think the more likely scenario would be Keith not even showing up to play in the lower division.


Doh! Didn’t mean to delete that.

I don’t want to use Keith as an example because I’ve never met him, and I don’t want to act like I have any idea how he would handle that kind of situation.

But if an A player falls to B or C and decides to leave because they feel it’s below them, then good riddance as far as I’m concerned. I don’t need a condescending jerk around anyway.

The system feels like it protects the top players by giving them a floor, at the expense of the lower ranked players that have to break a ceiling.

And I’m honestly ok with that if it’s the intent, as long as it’s owned. It’s always been sold to me as protecting the lesser skilled players from encountering the gods in a finals.


I mean, we could eliminate all cash prizes entirely.


If cash prizes are replaced with the equivalent value in PAPA Tokens, this might be OK.

$15,000 in PAPA Tokens wheeled out to the winner in a wheelbarrow would make for a nice photo-op.


Fun Fact: The PAPA tokens exist in a giant round, like, laundry barrel thing. The bin is on a wheeled platform usually used to move all those purple and orange chairs. There are so many tokens, it was literally impossible for me to move it. Fred could do it, but not easily.

Boss man wanted to keep all of the tokens - ALL OF THE TOKENS - so I had them split to a second bin, resting on a furniture dolly. Which promptly began dragging under the weight.

Rest safe, citizens. We still have all of the tokens. If you elect to take your payment in PAPA tokens instead of USD, I can totally make that happen.


Who doesn’t want to Scrooge McDuck in tons of PAPA tokens?


Never give up. After round 6 I was #240. Clawed my way back and finished 11th in finals.


That must have been a rollercoaster of a weekend! Nice!


I think there’s only one way to top the Intergalactic trophy for next year:

Ball pit of PAPA tokens.