Pinburgh banks layout map?

@PAPA_Doug: Once you’ve got a rough idea of the Pinburgh competition layout for this year, would it be possible to publish a crude floor map that shows the “blocks” of pins with labels such as “Banks 1-10,” Banks 11-30," etc.?


Shouldn’t be a problem at all.

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Great idea!

Crude Pinburgh floor layout can be found here.

This is a zoomed in view of the overall festival floorplan, specifically Hall B, which is the opposite side of the catwalk from where Pinburgh was located in 2015. This year, Pinburgh will have its own dedicated hall with adjusted lighting.

Purple rectangles represent games, with game #1 of each bank of four being numbered.


Love the fact it has its own area, and the Pinburgh stage looks interesting! Can we assume there is a much larger seated area to spectate there now? I personally felt that was one of the very few downsides to last years event

There is a 40x60ft viewing area near the main stage represented by the gray box.

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I want to be assigned to play Rock Wall & Bungie Trampolines.

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Play better while doing Trampoline! :slight_smile:

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@mhs @PAPA_Doug @bkerins … have the actual Pinburgh bank machines been published anywhere? If not, do you expect to do so before the tournament?

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The list has not yet been published, but it will be.


Thanks, guys!

One suggestion, it would be great to have a map printed out and posted by the schedule banners or somewhere accessible. To be accurate, this map would most likely have to be updated after things are moved in, and it would be awesome if it also could be updated if anything moves during the tournament.

Last year there were several rounds where I had to resort to wandering all the rows looking for my bank; some of the number gaps didn’t make a lot of sense from the ground.



Even hotel-style signs with bank number directions and arrows placed in a few strategic locations ("<-Banks 1 through 30," “Banks 31 through 46->”, etc.) would be useful.

or just hand out printouts by request at the pinburgh table. Regardless it looks really simple to follow. Excited :slight_smile:

We’ll have signs at the end of each row that say which banks are down the aisle.