- INDISC 2023 Fantasy Pinball & Live Win Probability

There is at least one $250, but do you want it :slight_smile:

This made me curious, so I did some analysis. Turns out there are 104 possible combinations that will get you to exactly $250.


How many of those involve NONE of the $25 or $20 players? And which player(s) appeared in the most such combinations?

This week’s post. No commentary this week. 07/18/2022 - PSPR — Pinball Statistics

any of those have good odds though? :smiley:

I chickened out and swapped some of my picks around to get a player I wanted, I’m at like 248 and change now. :sweat_smile:

The way it’s worded in the instructions, wouldn’t having exactly a budget of $250 technically be over budget?



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Okay, fine. There are 114 ways to get exactly 249.99

I should also clarify that I’m only looking at combinations of the possible dollar values. So you could swap out a $20 player for another and that doesn’t count as another combination.

There are 39 if you exclude the $25 and $20 players.

Well, there are three possible combinations that include Eric Stone and get you to $249.99. There are also some well balanced options as well. I’m not gonna post those though :wink:

Bowden is tearing up Australia. Is he actually making it to this?


That’s a good question!

he must have invented teleportation!

I’ll accept valid re-submissions thursday and aim to publish the teams Thursday night. Just anticipating craziness with flights and stuff.

Where is the Brisbane fantasy pinball, and can I get Bowden on my team retroactively?

He might just stay down there, work for Haggis, and be the all-time #1 player in the southern hemisphere.

Team names that are valid and submitted as of now are up here: YEGPIN Fantasy Pinball — Pinball Statistics

there is a timballs and a TimSexton? :smiley:

Something something Canadian humor.

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@timballs if we have a no-show on our team, are we only allowed to replace that one player (with someone who is at-or-below their $$ value)? Or are we allowed to shuffle our whole team?

At the top of the fantasy league page it says only that player. Looks like I’ll have to resubmit. Zac Wollons not on the player list.