- EPC 2023 Fantasy Pinball

Fantastic Tim, thanks so much for the time and effort on this. I will get it out there :+1:

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Tim, Franck Bona is out unfortunately, tested positive for Covid

Thanks for the update, he’s removed.

Hi Tim,

Are the results based solely on the EPC main event or will it be like the last D82 event across all events?

Thanks, Craig

I changed the rules so any tournament at the same venue will count (either 50% or 25% scoring) in addition to the main division. Simplified it so points are based on standings how they are submitted to IFPA. Any tournament with 100% TGP counts. This looks like the launch party/warmup flip frenzy may count, classics and main will count. Any of the sideshow tournaments will not count, and the women’s tournament will probably not count since it is not expected to hit 100% TGP.


Great, I thought that was the case, I think that’s a great way of doing it :+1:

The second paragraph reads a little confusing then perhaps as it says it’s based on the result in the main tournament.

Hopefully your now getting a decent amount of sign-ups :facepunch:

The warmup frenzy will reach 100%. There will be about 200 people seeded into two groups for 3 hours. Top 16 from each group will go through to four-player matches on three machines per round with the top 32, top 16, top 8, and final four.


I’ll try my best to follow along but I will be quite busy with Expo.

I have updated what I can with EPC. 1st-64th from what I can tell for Main. 1st-50th in classics. I’m missing 65th-100th in Main and the Stern Army tournament beyond the top 3.


Stern Army results now up on the IFPA website :+1:

I’m working on updating it now. Got busy with work this week.

Congrats to VEX for winning the 2022 EPC Fantasy Pinball competition. In a close 2nd place was FRB!


Added live a live win probability page for Free Play Florida: Free Play Florida 2022 Live Projections — Pinball Statistics

INDISC 2023 Fantasy Pinball: INDISC 2023 Fantasy Pinball — Pinball Statistics


Bumping this. Just 1 full day left to submit your teams.

It’s so hard to choose a team! So many good players….

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Fantasy Pinball is back with EPC 2023: EPC 2023 Fantasy Pinball — Pinball Statistics


Bumping this, we are only 2 weeks out from the start of EPC qualifying!

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Reminder that time is running out to submit your fantasy EPC roster!