's Hurry-Up Tutorials

I am happy to announce today the launch of’s Hurry-Up Tutorials. I have spent some time putting together the first three videos of “Hurry-Up Tutorials”, a series where the goal is to provide a basic overview and introductory strategy on a game in under four minutes targeting those who may be unfamiliar with the game.
Here are links to the first three videos:

Mata Hari:
Fireball II:
Harlem Globetrotters:

It’s certainly not meant to be an exhaustive breakdown of everything about a game, as PAPA produces a great series of in-depth tutorials regarding the nuances that exist in these machines. The goal will be to record these videos in the hopes of using it as an easy-to-consume format to support people in better understanding rules, getting higher scores, and hopefully get people to have more fun while playing pinball.

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Fixed HG link:

EDIT: Center saucer on Mata Hari also adds 3K and 3 bonus in addition to bonus X, which is why it’s so darned awesome. Assuming you can hit it. Also lights the 50K outlanes (left on 2nd, right on 3rd).

Thanks! Not sure why it copy and pasted as ‘…’. Fixed in the post.


These are excellent…thank you!

Fantastic job and idea!

Nice! Thanks for this.

Thanks for doing these. It would be great if PinTips could link to these, or vice versa.

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Great idea! Hope you have time to put out some more videos :slight_smile:

Thanks! The past few weeks have been focused on planning a few upcoming tournaments, but I’ll be recording some more within the next few days and hope to get on some kind of semi-frequent release cadence by mid-January.

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Hi Everyone! I’m happy to announce Hurry-Up Tutorial #4: Bally’s Eight Ball Deluxe

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