Pinball survey email from L.E.K.


Update for anyone that still cares:

I finally got a response from David Li. He was unable to disclose any information about where the list came or who the survey is for (expected) but did say he would remove my contact information from his end. So if anyone cares to do so, that seems effective assuming the list hasn’t already propagated on.


Ok, you win. You are the Most Interesting Man in the world…


So it’s been a few weeks. Anyone get their promised gift?


Nope, which suggests being even more suspicious of any emails we get from the IFPA list.


I’ve done surveys before for $. For a large scale survey of this size, it takes time. Maybe won’t get paid for 60 days after survey period ends. Try emailing him and asking if there is a time frame.


Its interesting because if the $15 was given instantly they would of had more folks fill out the survey via word of mouth. The downside is it allows bs responses to be awarded. I think awarding the $15 while the survey is still open would be advantageous to get more participation but what do i know.


I just received the email with a link to get the $15 card…


Me too



Me too. They even made it $20 Cdn!


I guess I can say… You’re welcome! :rofl: