Pinball related exhibition Columbia College Chicago 2016

Hi all,

This is Mark Porter, Exhibition Coordinator and Curator at Columbia College Chicago. Im currently developing a pinball related exhibition titled Skillshot, The Collaborative Art of Pinball, scheduled to open in the Glass Curtain Gallery, located in downtown Chicago, September of 2016. The exhibit will focus on how the creation pinball machines is the result of collaborations that occur between a team of skilled individuals of many trades including mechanical engineering, illustration, animation and etc. The exhibit will feature pinball machines, pre-production objects and related artwork, anything from silkscreens by Dirty Donnie to custom pinball machines.

Rather than producing a typical exhibition catalog, Im going to put out a small series of zines from now until the opening of the exhibit. Im looking for interesting stories, photos, after-market mods, anything really that can be included in the zine and possibly the actual exhibit. Please contact me if you have a podcast, zine, mod, machine, story or artwork. Im also interested in holding interviews. AGAIN- IM LOOKING FOR ANYTHING PINBALL RELATED, please contact me here or by my Columbia address:

The first tidbit of interest Id like to collect from everyone-

  1. What’s your favorite album or playlist/ game combo?

Right now my favorite is TOTAN with “The Crybaby” by The Melvins

Hi All,

Im still looking for artwork specifically for the first issue of the exhibition zine, which will be printed for the Chicago Pinball Expo, so submission deadlines are coming up fast so that I can have everything designed/printed in time. Having artwork from anyone interested in participating in early September, would be awesome. Please respond on here or via my Columbia College Chicago email address:

Thanks all!