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Same here. Thanks for these podcasts! Your questions are well prepared and open-ended, which really creates some interesting and insightful responses. Keep it up please!


I want to thank everyone who has being saying yes when asked to do an interview. This has some momentum now, but in the beginning it was great that people took the time and took a chance.

I think @PinballProfile deserves a lot of credit here. I think what really makes a difference here is that he actually carefully edits the interviews. Cuts out pauses, stumbles, when he makes mistakes he rerecords himself. He equalises the audio. At lot more than 10 minutes goes into making a 10 minutes interview.

This is not a criticism of the stream of consciousness podcasts. I really enjoyed the new lloyd kaufman podcast I listened to on the flight yesterday :slight_smile:


Being on Pinball Profile is the opposite of the Madden Curse. Only good things happen.

Case in point: @kdeangelo was on PP this weekend, and he went on the win It Never Drains In Southern California. Steven Bowden also was on during the end of 2016 and then wins IFPA Player of the Year.

Who will be next?


Can you please not spoil the results of recent tournaments for at least a couple days in titles of threads? I’m literally watching the VOD of INDISC right now :frowning:


My apologies. Will not do so in the future. Forgive my excitement of the coincidence of Karl being on Pinball Profile then winning as it was released. But again, I will not do that in the future. Sorry, DHS


I just picked this up this week and I have to say, I enjoy it quite a lot. These days, with the barriers to producing/distributing content so staggeringly low, it’s nice to find content with this level of polish.

Great stuff Jeff!


Jeff: agreed on what others are saying… the polish you put on these Profiles, combined with your radio-quality voice makes for a highly enjoyable listen. I also enjoy the interviews being on point and brief.


Thanks @Snailman and others. Glad you like them.

I’ve only been in “real” competitions for 2 years. It’s interesting to me to find out about the others behind pinball. Not too many competitions in other sports/games where you can go up against the best in the world. Pinball Profile is my way of either introducing others to these people, or getting to know a little more about them. I had thought about doing this when I went to PAPA and Pinburgh, but I didn’t want to bother people when they were busy.

I’ve always been comfortable chatting with people ever since I did stand-up comedy in the 90’s. I’ve been in radio for 25 years this year, and on my Classic Rock radio show affectionately known as “Big Red’s Retro Rock” on K106.3 (plug), I’ve always been more interested in what others have to say. When I’m lucky to chat with rock stars, they are way more interesting than me. And quite frankly, I’d rather hear them talk then hear myself. The same is true when I cover sports for our radio stations. When I was at the World Series this year in Chicago, I stopped into Stern where Jody was kind enough to give me a tour. When I met Steve Ritchie and John Trudeau, I thought “okay, if I’m going to do these podcast/interviews now would be a perfect time…and great way to launch this thing”. And voila!

So hopefully, I get a little better with each one. I really enjoy all feedback (positive and negative, plus suggestions for guests). I’ve fixed the compression (audio) since my interview with Karl, so they will be easier to listen to from a volume stand point.

Lots ahead on Pinball Profile…the next few weeks include PAPA Director of Operations Mark Steinman, Bob Matthews (@BMU) with a How to Run A Tourney 101 lesson, some amazing Women of Pinball, and some guy named Keith Elwin?..I hear he’s good?

Thanks again @Snailman. Means a lot from a great player like yourself. Hook 'em, horns!


Jeff, I really enjoy the quality of these shorter interviews. You certainly have a great radio voice. As far as the “opposite of the Madden curse” thing, could you please interview me before the Spring tourney season kicks in? :wink:


2 NEW Pinball Profiles.

  • Alberto Santana, one of the world top 30 players jokes around with me at Upstate NY Finals.
  • PAPA Director, Mark Steinman about the history of Pinburgh, getting feedback, and the PAPA Circuit…plus changes in 2017.

Available on iTunes. On Twitter @PinballProfile
Listen to all here:

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NEW Pinball Profiles,
Episode 18. @echa Echa Schneider. Belles & Chimes founder, and promoter of women in pinball
Episode 19. @BMU Bob Matthews. How to run/host a tourney 101.

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NEW! Keith Elwin, 7x World’s Greatest Player (IFPA). Talks about another great year in 2016, Archer Pinball, designing pinball machines, and much more.

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NEW! A few to catch up on including:
Trent Augenstein @trent,
Jack Danger @DEADFLIP,
Adam Becker @PressStart

Up next (soon)…Ep. 25. Andrew Heighway of Heighway Pinball. Alien!!!

Plus…coming soon…the March Madness Pinball bracket on our Facebook group. Your votes determine the winner!

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NEW! A few to catch up on including:
Ep. 28, Eric Stone, 2017 U.S. National Champ & PinMasters Champ
Ep. 27. @drgnlair Bruce Nightingale of the Slam Tilt Podcast
Ep. 26. @Nick_BuffaloPinball & @KevInBuffalo of Bro, Do You Even Pinball? 100 episodes!

Up next (soon)…
Ep. 29. Tommy Floyd of Nitro Amusements and Vancouver Flip-Out.

Plus vote now for ROUND 3 of Sweet 16 of Rock themed Pinball machines,

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Thanks a lot for the April episode! That was really creative, funny, and interesting :slight_smile:


I had fun doing it. Tongue n cheek is good. And if you can’t make fun of yourself, then something’s wrong. But I do look like Brad Pitt…that wasn’t a joke!!!


These are extraordinary well produced and very fun to listen to. Thank you for your awesome work!


Your interview of yourself had me laughing out loud. Kudos sir!


Thank you for the nice feedback!
NEW episodes on iTunes…Robert Gagno, Jonathan Joosten of Pinball Magazine and more.

Hope to see you at PAPA this weekend. Please say hi (I’ll be at the bottom of the standings). I’d love to record as many of you as I can for a future group Pinball Profile and get some PAPA memories as the last World Championships will be held there.



Episodes 33 & 34 have lots of goodies.
#33: @bkerins & Theresa Nessel
#34: several from PAPA 20. Fred Cochran, @gammagoat, Michelle McCleester, @Adam, Joe Ciaravino, Jon Replogle, Robin Lassonde, Jack Tadman, and Ron Hallett

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