Pinball Profile - 2 NEW (Bowen & Pintastic recap)


Have a listen to my Pinball Profile interviews… the people behind pinball. Hear Steve Ritchie, Bowen Kerins…and many more to come! Who would you like to hear?

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In case people missed it, the Pinball Profile with Mike Lindsey of farsight studios is up.

I really enjoy the short format. Balances nicely with the other podcasts I regularly listen to.


And another one!

Jody Dankberg, Director of Marketing & Licensing of Stern Pinball.


The latest Pinball Profile is up! Perfect for Cyber Monday, it’s the man behind Hear as Jeff Teolis chats with one of the best (and nicest) players in the world, Steven Bowden. Catch this and all episodes:

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This is becoming one of my favorite podcasts. Really enjoy how well thought out they are ahead of time. And they sound great! My only comment was I wish they were a little more in depth, but that’s nitpicking. Highly recommended.

As for a future topic, how about an interview with a tournament director of a large tournament? Surely some good stories there.


Super kind words williams. Great news: Now on iTunes! Please subscribe.

I think we’ll likely see these stretch to 15 minutes, but it is a goal to keep them brief and to the point, and therefore do more of them. There may be special occasions were we go long, but it’s a matter of respecting the time of the person being interviewed (whether being busy, at work, family, pinball, etc). Who knows? Just wrapped up the first month, and I have a few “in the can”.

My main goal is: let them talk, not me. They are much more interesting then I am.

Take care.


it’s a matter of respecting the time of the person being interviewed

And a matter of respecting the time of the listener!

I listen to quite a few pinball podcasts. The problem most of them have is that the signal-to-noise ratio is poor. All the same things could be said in half the time in almost all cases.

There is value in brevity, and it takes effort to achieve it. To quote Blaise Pascal: “I have made this letter longer than usual, only because I have not had time to make it shorter.”



A wise man once told me early in my radio career, make the listener want more. I try to keep these Pinball Profile interviews/podcasts to the point, and not talk for the sake of talking. In each one I’ve done, I could definitely go longer as these are interesting people (to me, and hopefully/likely to the listener). There’s no reason that I wouldn’t have these people on again in the future. But my main rule is: Let the person being interviewed do the majority of the talking. I’d much rather hear them than me.

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Thanks for any and all feedback! All the best.


Yes. Your podcasts are refreshingly brief and to the point, thank you!



A new barcade! Today’s topic in the latest Pinball Profile (now available on iTunes). Dan Beeson of Tilt Toronto joins Jeff Teolis to talk about this great new venue…and future possible home to big tourneys? Listen to Pinball Profile, and read up about Tilt here…

Next episode (this weekend): Many contestants from The Ultimate Stern Pinball contest explain why they should win.


So great to see a pinball podcast (or any podcast for that matter) that keeps things brief, @PinballProfile. I work as a radio editor too and have a hard time grinding through long podcasts. Which sucks because many of them are interesting but as others have pointed out: There is no need in making everything that long. Keep it up!


Thanks kressenstein. Lots more coming!..and soon!


NEW episode on iTunes…some guy name @pinwizj Josh Sharpe. Let’s see if he knows anything about competitive pinball…wait a minute!!!..what just happened to my IFPA ranking??? This Josh guy must be connected somehow?



Nice, listening to the interview w @nicoleanne


@pinwizj moonlighting as usual, what would Nate say? :stuck_out_tongue:


I gotta pay the bills somehow! Wait, that’s the Slam Tilt Podcast . . . #BowdenMoonlighting :slight_smile:


Next interview is up!

Hear co-tourney director Jim Belsito talk with Jeff Teolis about the history of It Never Drains In Southern California on the latest edition of Pinball Profile (on iTunes). Follow on twitter @pinballprofile and the Pinball Profile Facebook page.

Have a great tourney, everyone!


The latest interview is up (Jan. 13)!

Hear INDISC co-tourney director Karl DeAngelo (@kdeangelo) with Jeff Teolis about his rise to the top of the IFPA standings, iepinball, Twitch, and his Never Drains software on the latest edition of Pinball Profile (on iTunes). Plus hear his “love” of the EM High Hand.

Follow on twitter @pinballprofile and the Pinball Profile Facebook page

Hear the interview here:…/karl-deangelo-iepinball_96257

Have a great tourney, everyone!




I’m really enjoying these interviews. They are great for my (fortunately) short commute. :slight_smile: