Pinball! Pinball! Pinball! Tournament report and format discussion


Haha. I could use that too. I just winged this one as the Matchplay website made it really easy to do. Just not sure if I set it up properly with the couple issues we had. Or if that’s just an unfortunate side effect of the format.


Yeah I’ve been mulling over this format for awhile and I feel like it needs a couple dedicated scorekeepers the same way that best score tournaments do. When a match is over, raise your hand, wait for someone to enter results and put you back into the queue or whatever.


Multiple scorekeepers may work if you don’t use a virtual queue, but if you’re using the virtual queue (i.e. you let Match Play control the queue) you must only use a single person/device to enter results. When a game ends, a new game is immediately created from the queue and because of this tight coupling you can’t have multiple people entering results. Don’t cross the streams.


Did people find this too long?

3 person queue? Was this big enough?

Did you do the thing talked about above where you enter more venues than you need, so then people get moved to a different machine each time instead of playing the same one back to back?


Nope. Our typical tournament time is around 3 hours so they were fine with this.

How do I know if the queue was big enough? Haha.

There were 10 arenas being used. I don’t think anyone played one back to back.


How does this work in practice… Does the new player (coming from the queue) have to find the Player 2 on the old machine to take them to a new one?

Edit: I guess you could have both players return to the queue after each match, then the new player 2 collects a player 1 from the queue and the new machine?



Matchplay immediately sets up the new game so even if you’re on your phone you can see you’re now out of the queue on a new game with an opponent.


Less important for a 2.5-hour tournament, but my standard is that the player should just about always have time for a short bio break.


Okay then we were good. Once at the bottom of the queue you usually had 5-10 minutes to relax. And our games play fast.


Yes, have both players report results is the way to go. It also reduces the risk of results being reported wrong


Yes, there’s the potential for abuse there. Players should always report the result without delay. Another good reason to have both players go back to report the result.


do you know how TGP ended up being for that tourney or is there some easier way to figure that out? I know folks in my area would be interested…


TGP is based on the total number of games the winner played for the 2018 season WPPR rules … (insert evil laugh)


Cool so in the tourney @chuckwurt posted the TGP is 24 it looks like:


Based off the winners total games played then?


Yep … Ignore the stat at the bottom :confused:


I should have made that a histogram instead of just a single number. adds to todo list


* Frantically checks calendar to see how many Flip Frenzy tournaments can be planned before the end of the year… *


I should have waited until December 1st to answer :slight_smile:


A more typical location would only get 10-15 games in during 2.5 hours of play id say. These are all classics games for the most part that don’t play long at all. Longest average game time was about 7 mins. Most others were 3-5 mins.