Pinball Pinball Pinball tonight in Chicago

Hi! I probably should have posted this earlier, but -

tonight we’re having the finale of our Pinball Pinball Pinball series at Logan Arcade in Chicago. It’ll be three hours rather than the usual two, and will be for WPPR points instead of the usual prizes of fame and glory. Oh, and there’s a side tournament, too! All skill levels welcome, though sadly it’s 21 and over only. We at the Logan Square Pin-Golf Association strive to keep our events fun, inclusive, and as free from BS as possible! We start at 8pm - if you’re in the area, come on by!

Just a datapoint for you…I did this recently with 12 people, and 5 machines. Having only 2 in the queue was a bit too few.

Also, I ran it for 2 hours, and people thought it was too long / intense. Most people played around 13 games total in that time.

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We’ve been doing it every Tuesday for a couple months now for two hours a night, usually with 12-20 players, with players playing 10-15ish games. 3 seems to be the magic number for the queue, though 4 works as well. We just thought since we already had a crew of regulars we might as well finish with a longer event; the two hours fly right by for us. I guess we like it long and intense :wink:

Check out our rules poster

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This makes me happy :slight_smile:

Also, the original has exclamation points (Pinball! Pinball! PInball!), just to make it an even sillier name. Japanese people…

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I just visited Logan Arcade over the weekend. Haven’t been there since it was a record store with a game room in the back and I was really blown away by the transformation. Amazing lineup and the games were in great shape. It’s super rare to see a barcade doing pinball so well! The next day we stopped another barcade in town, felt super disappointed with the quality and went back to Logan for more!

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