Pinball Parts Search for all suppliers

Hello Everyone,

I am restoring a sys80 Gottlieb spiderman and one thing that jumped out at me when sourcing parts is that you have to search lots of sites or many pages of google to find what you want and you also miss some very small suppliers.

So I thought I would change that. I have setup a small searching site that pools every parts supplier I could find. This includes just over 80 suppliers at present. Give it a go. Tell me what you think.

I have an ebay search in there too but the primary point of it is to search parts suppliers via the homepage.

I have got all the major electronics players in there as well. For that reason I have got categories as well.

If you get some weird results when you search for ‘acdc’ for example (related to electrics) you can just pick mods or reproduction. This way you can cut down to just the types of parts you are after.


I like it, thanks for doing this.

Cool site. I like the Suggest Seller feature, but it would be easier to use if you listed the currently linked suppliers somewhere.

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Wow this is great! I was just lamenting this problem the other day while putting together a parts list for POP. Thanks!

Just a heads up, I have relaunched this site and now have over 150 stores.


I notice you have Mad Amusements as a supplier. Are you aware of the issues people have had with Mike D?