Pinball Map Open Thread


I am in Seattle and have submitted several in the Seattle area that never showed up. Just submitted a new one today and noticed the ones I submitted months ago never got added.


I sent the Seattle admins a reminder earlier today. If they don’t respond by tomorrow I’ll add them myself. Sorry about that :sweat: We’ll get caught up tomorrow. Thanks for reaching out.


Yeah thanks for all the work you do


Who are the Seattle admins on that? We (Skill Shot) developed an map app for location pinball and released that last year. It links in with the list / map that we keep on the website, which is really well maintained. So Seattle is the only place that I don’t use Pinball Map.


Yeah, the skillshot map is really good. Because of that, we wouldn’t have added a Seattle region (something like eight years ago now) if there weren’t so many people asking us to do it. We said, “fine!” But even after adding it it didn’t see great usage. Skill shot still had the best data. When we first set it up, I tried to collaborate with skill shot, but it didn’t work out. I just thought it would be cool to join resources!
But anyway, since then we’ve had trouble getting a consistent admin. I think we’re on our fifth Seattle admin at this point. Morgan and Nick (fairly recent transplant from Austin - and he was our admin there). Paul P was our first admin.


I saw on Facebook that Nick has been super busy recently, so that might be why the map isn’t getting updated.


Caught up with Seattle. Added:

Waterland Arcade
Another Castle - Bremerton
The Triple Knock
Cinemark Lincoln Square Cinemas
Fourth Avenue Tavern (Olympia)
Half Pint Pizza Pub
Lucky Liquor Tavern
Eagan’s Drive-In & Espresso
Walt’s Lynwood Center Market
The Local 907


Yay! :smile:


Just got around to finally adding the Sanctum to Connecticut. Screwed up and submitted it with 1 game. Need to add the other 44 still :wink: who’s the CT admin?


I am! We used to have a Boston map, but it ended up expanding across Massachusetts and into NH, CT, and RI. So I split those states off into their own regions… but I never found admins for them! So I admin them all.

Anyway, I added The Sanctum. You can add the rest of the games.


Man, I’m sorry that didn’t work out for whatever reason. Obviously people are welcome to use our list as a jumping off point to update the Pinball Map. Our list is a true community effort and we certainly appreciate everyone’s due diligence in keeping up with current pinball line ups. Pinball Map has saved me more times than I can count while traveling around. Thank you for that!



If you need me to admin CT I have no problem doing that. Besides the sanctum as you can see it’s a dozen bars and bowling alleys with one game a piece across the whole state.


Yup, lots of places with just one machine. I’d be happy to pass CT off to you! It’ll be a really small amount of work to help maintain the map. I’ll send you a PM.


New blog post: An Oregon State University computer science student, Beth Poore, wrote a really great tutorial on how to use the Pinball Map API.

Blog post

Link to Tutorial


You must not have seen how much they move machines around at the Sanctum. :slight_smile:


The Sanctum changes the CT map game. BUT, adding/removing machines isn’t an admin duty! Anyone using the app can do that. And they usually do.


Beth is one of our local Belles & Chimes members, and a frequent attendee at weeklies! Sweet!


I update the sanctum last weekend. 1/2 dozen ganes need to be changed already. No joke. The parking lot looked like Allenrown last Monday. People from NJ to MA doing swaps in the parking lot.


I’ve been there.

I mean… I’ve been there, but also, I’ve been there.


Since I last mentioned this, we’ve added:



Columbia, SC

San Antonio

Some of them are still being populated with data.

A couple more coming soon.

Edit: just added Oklahoma City. No data on it yet.