Pinball Map Open Thread

That’s really good to know! Fixing that will be a priority.

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The update looks slick!

Something strange: I can log in on, but when I try the same user/password on the app, I’m getting an incorrect password error. I changed my password and it works on the website but not the app. I’m on an iPhone SE on 12.1.4 if that helps.

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love this update! And folks, if you use it regularly (as many of us do) - kick them a few bucks a month on their Patreon!


We released episode 6 of the podcast.

In it, we talk more about hand sanitizers, we interview a 4 year old, and we add more dramatic sound effects in order to increase the intensity of the podcast.


New app update. We got a lot of feedback on the last version. So here are some changes!

  • Type “region” in the search bar to see a list of regions.
  • Sort the Location List by number of machines
  • Increase the “max zoom”, especially if you have a filter applied
  • Make panning/zooming a little smoother
  • Brighter Recent Activity icons
  • Fixed the map marker jumping when two locations are really close together
  • Added city name to location list items
  • Turn off autocorrect on search field
  • More gesture navigation
  • Updated the FAQ
  • Fix issue with special characters when searching or typing in passwords
  • Additional design adjustments and bug fixes

A couple of days ago, I got a notification that there was an update for the iOS app, but when I went to apply it, it said the app was no longer available. I opened the app and it seemed to work fine, but still I couldn’t update it, so I figured I’d just delete and reinstall…only to get a message that it’s not available in my country or region!

Is the iOS app no longer available in Canada?

Apple periodically makes us sign random legal/tax agreements. Another one popped up recently, and we didn’t sign it in time and the app got removed from the store.

Scott has to be the one to sign it, but he’s in the woods right now. So basically, the app is gone from the store until Tuesday. Sucks!!! We are sad about this.

Sorry that uninstalled! The app still works if you have it installed. But once you uninstall you can’t get it back until we sort this out.


Just a note to say the app still crashes immediately on ios 13 (on my iPhone at least). Release is likely 2 weeks from now. Happy to provide anything to aid diagnosis.

Thanks for the update. We hope to have an update out before then, so we’re ready! We also hope to be back on the app store before then :grimacing:


Update: we seem to be back in the app store. Not confident that it will stay, given some bizarre stuff that’s not worth typing out.

@MikeCP The app doesn’t crash on my phone in iOS 13. Are you on the 13.1 beta, or just 13? What phone do you have?

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iPhone XS. Now I’m on 13.1, and it crashes there, but it crashed on 13.0, too. I believe I’m logged in. It doesn’t crash on my iPad on 13.1 (I can’t recall if I’m logged in on the iPad).

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Thanks. Want to shoot me a PM with your email (or do I already have it?)? I can add you to our iOS beta testing list, so you can test an updated version beforehand.

We’re going to start with a relatively easy possible-solution, which is to update the Expo library from 33 to 34. This likely has better compatibility with iOS 13. If that doesn’t solve it we’ll dig deeper.

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Any update planned to prevent West Virginia from taking over every bordering state?

I reduced the “effective radius” of the WV region on Aug 26, from 150 miles to 100 miles. This will hopefully reduce the amount of submissions outside of WV that get captured in the WV net.

But the secondary issue, which will take longer to address, is that if an app user is within WV when s/he submits the location, the submission will get sent to the WV admin. Changing that behavior involves a whole lotta work.


Oh, I’m happy to enter them all and alert you concerning any outliers. Just joking about some of the varied submissions that have shown up recently. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

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No, YOU keep it up.

And stop spilling the beans to the public about our secret scheme to have West Virginia annex neighboring states.

"As you can see, Mr President, the pinball machines in Virginia are clearly within the West Virginia region. As such I don’t think we have a choice but to make Virginia a part of West Virginia. "


If anyone else is beta testing iOS 13, and would like to beta test the Pinball Map app, let me know and I’ll add you.

We are currently beta testing with only six iOS 13 devices. The app is crashing on only one of those devices. Aaaand we’re trying to figure out why.

Anyone know Ontario the user on Pinballmap? They are quite prolific and none of us locals here in NorCal know this mysterious user!

Ive been running the iOS beta 13 and had no issues with pinball map.

I have an iPhone X…I know its late but I happy to beta test if you still are looking for testers.

Hi! Thanks for the offer, and it’s great to hear that it’s not crashing for you. We had a handful of devices testing iOS 13, and only one was crashing. We narrowed down the issue to a phone setting called “Guided Access” (it’s a parental control setting). When we disabled it, the app didn’t crash.

But on our other devices, we still couldn’t reproduce the issue. So, we couldn’t really fix that issue. And we’re letting it go for now.

All this is to say, I think we don’t need any additional testing for now. We’re going to release a minor update in the next day or two (we’ve uploaded the updated app and are waiting for them to approve it). The update will include some minor bug/style fixes, and an updated Expo SDK (which is a React Native framework/thing that we use) that reportedly has better iOS 13 support.