Pinball in Music

Dan Burfield put together a good group on Facebook about pinball in movies. And while listening to the radio and hearing 4th of July, Asbury Park by Bruce Springsteen and hearing pinball mentioned in it, it got me wondering what is the best song that mentions pinball.

Setting the Tommy soundtrack to the side as too obvious for consideration, a couple others that came to mind were:

Palisades Park by the Counting Crows
Amarillo by Emmylou Harris
Anything but Mine by Kenny Chesney

What is your favorite?

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That site scares me.


I don’t ever go on it. Never forums. I look at the top 100, designers, etc. But when I did a google search for pinball in songs…that link came up. LOL.

We can make our own list. And you probably have some good insight to add.

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“Silverball” by Barenaked Ladies is a really good recent song all about pinball.


Girl on Fire, Rob Zombie

“In France They Kiss On Main Street,” Joni Mitchell

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Seems there is very little cross section between pinball people and disco music. Here is one. With the corny’est pinball reference.

That bass, though!:+1:

spine of a dog by moe!

I’m so old I still rock out to the original Pinball Wizard* occasionally, so I don’t have anything to add. But I will suggest that more folks play music in their game rooms. Music and pinball go together extremely well. In the 80’s and 90’s, all the best arcades had tunes playing. Now, lots of folks forget that step.

Shouldn’t be too loud, so you don’t need a killer stereo. I do see folks play youtube music videos on a monitor in their game rooms. That’s good stuff. What music you play doesn’t really matter. Just don’t turn it up too loud. Thanks.

** the Who’s version, not the horrible Elton John version

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