Pinball in Munich?

I am probably travelling to Munich near the end of January. IFPA calendar looks like it is a complete dead zone. Pinside map shows there might be one laundromat with 2 Sterns without flipper rubbers. I am really hoping someone will tell me there is a cool happening scene, it is just that they don’t use pinside and don’t like the IFPA.

Last year, when I was there, things were dead as a doornail, and I gave up trying to find a place.

I found this on Yelp:ünchen%2C+Bayern

It would probably be a really good idea to call those places first, to make sure that any machines are actually still there.

Go search the IFPA list of tourneys in Germany… clicking through on a couple of tourneys on high-ranked German players showed this recent event:

Happy hunting.
Oh, and you’ll be in Munich… enjoy seeing Munich and enjoying its beverages and food! Forget about pinball and take in all that is awesome about Bavaria.

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the pinballlounge is an awesome private location - very special, they have every Sega Pinball built ever there (of course only production models). Another first class private location is Martin Wiest’s collection.
For Germany it also exists this search engine and some are up to date…
Best pinballs on route might be here