Pinball Goals for 2018


2019 Goals for me:

  • Crack the Top 1000 (Currently in the 1600’s)
  • Come in first in one of our League sessions
  • Establish a new League at my location
  • Get 5 brand new players rated for IFPA
  • Get to the Emperor in Star Wars
  • Make it to finals in a Pinburgh division
  • Make A Division in a tournament
  • Start streaming pinball (have the equipment, just too nervous to go live)


Be nervous but just do it. I wish I had a pinball; I would stream. But the pinball streaming would just be a vehicle for bad jokes.


Pinball goals for 2019, the honorary Derek Mizaga revision:

  • Win a circuit event
  • Make the top 30 in the Stern Pro Circuit
  • Make the IFPA World Championships
  • Be an even better TD at Pinburgh
  • Embody the “Play better so you play less” tournament mantra
  • Discover new musicals to listen to during tournaments
  • I don’t know, there’s gotta be things?



Get back into top 100, which means travelling a bit.

Run 3 events at the Dojo