Pinball Goals for 2018


2019 Goals for me:

  • Crack the Top 1000 (Currently in the 1600’s)
  • Come in first in one of our League sessions
  • Establish a new League at my location
  • Get 5 brand new players rated for IFPA
  • Get to the Emperor in Star Wars
  • Make it to finals in a Pinburgh division
  • Make A Division in a tournament
  • Start streaming pinball (have the equipment, just too nervous to go live)


Be nervous but just do it. I wish I had a pinball; I would stream. But the pinball streaming would just be a vehicle for bad jokes.


Pinball goals for 2019, the honorary Derek Mizaga revision:

  • Win a circuit event
  • Make the top 30 in the Stern Pro Circuit
  • Make the IFPA World Championships
  • Be an even better TD at Pinburgh
  • Embody the “Play better so you play less” tournament mantra
  • Discover new musicals to listen to during tournaments
  • I don’t know, there’s gotta be things?



Get back into top 100, which means travelling a bit.

Run 3 events at the Dojo



Seems like we might need to start a 2019 thread. Maybe this should be split?


pulled of one of my 2019 hopes! :smiley:

Won my first event, our league here in London for the month of February. Won one of the rounds and was in the top 4 for the final, played terrible last night until the very last ball where I was P1 and last and had a smasher on a very rare game called Cobra… I remember at the end of pinburgh day 1 2018 - I was thinking of torching all my pinball games after playing so poorly, but you take stock, reset and play better. Consistency is my key nemesis!


Nice job! I’ve never even heard of Cobra before.


yes a Bell games game, Spanish manual which makes it slightly hard to deal with but has great music from Human League (I suspect without permissions!).