Pinball FX2 - Wild West Rampage strategies

So let’s say you had 3 minutes of gameplay time to rack up as many points as possible … Any best path? :slight_smile:

IFPA and Zen Studios have some awesome things planned for Nationals/Women’s/Pin-Masters weekend in Dallas. Details coming soon!


Rampage multiball? The spinner has a 5m award in it, but it is random. I would go super skill for 2 million, hit the shot next to the rampage ramp. Hit the ramp 7 times, load the gun and hit jackpots.

wait a minute. i’m having a thought.
Super skill / drain
Super skill / drain
Super skill - do what I said above. 4m more points.

Looking forward to seeing how the virtual players stack up against the real players at this event.

Real players FTW!!

Is there a way to compete from home with Playstation Plus?

Nope it’s gonna be an on-site tournament. Prize pool is shaping up to big bigger than Pin-Masters :slight_smile:

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