Pinball code mind map / Flowchart

Has anybody made any mind map style pictures of games?
I am thinking similar to the ones Keith made for WOZ and TH.

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I see now that it is also called flowchart.
Se attached pictures from WOZ.


FYI, I didn’t make these per se, our artist JP did. One also exists for Hobbit, I forget if I’ve seen one for DI, and we already have one for game #4. :wink:


The fist time i saw them was for WOZ, and then TH, and i thought they were great!
It makes the game so much easier to grasp, and to see the goals.
Did you lay out the code in a map like that, or did JP come up with this on his own?

Please send med the flowchart to game #4 and i willz spell sheck itz four yuu. :stuck_out_tongue:


Can someone share The Hobbit chart?

There is one in the manual.
I found a low resolution one.

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Found some more.
this is for Dialed In


this is for Congo by pinside user swampfire

Hi there,

came across this thread browsing the web. First time on Tilt-forums.

I’m the one who started creating these flowcharts during WOZ. Mainly for myself to visualise Keith’s (intimidating :wink: written out documents and help me understand the rules better. It also helps me laying out the UI’s I create for our games, so a basic chart is created quite early in the design process.

Great to see these help other people as well.



And here’s the Flowchart for JJP’s Pirates of the Caribbean.



Hi Jean-Paul, thank you for chiming in. The flow charts makes the games so much easier to grasp, and they look beautiful!

keep up the great work.

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Hi Jean-Paul, do you have a link to the PDF of the flow chars? i can’t seem to find them.


Hi Axl,

you can find the Willy Wonka flowchart here:
Willy Wonka flowchart