pinball art collecting

I love the art of pinball and arcades, and since I only have room for 4 machines, I seem to have overcompensated by obsessing on the artwork.
I’ve been buying playfields, backglasses, and arcade marquees to decorate my pinball room with and am almost at maximum density.

Anyone else in love with the art? Do you collect and display it?
I also appreciate a number of the books that collect the artwork, especially the classic Sharpe + Hamilton book, and the recent Santiago Ciuffo one. (I have most of the Schiffer books, but the photos aren’t the best)

Here is a post of what I keep on the walls:

And yes, nothing is here permanently. 3 items have left so far to help restore other machines, so I’m just a bit of a caretaker of these pieces.


OK so no one else here? :slight_smile:

I don’t collect any yet, but your game room looks awesome! I think it would be cool to hang some playfields from games that I remember from growing up, but aren’t cheap/repayable enough that I would buy the game.

Id be into it if I had a good space to do it. My garage is still very much a garage. Might be weird to see cool pinball art hanging next to my weed eater :slight_smile:

It’s a great way to appreciate games! Fill any available wall space with game ephemera and keep it’s spirit thriving!

Naw, the world is full of blown-out playfields that would TOTALLY go with your weedwacker.


Would love to see some pics if you have them!

I certainly appreciate the artwork on my Sorcerer. What a rad machine.

Check the link:

Love the art, but don’t want to spend hundreds on non functioning playfields/backglasses. Would be great if someone looked into (I’m sure they have) getting permission to run prints of backglasses.

WOW! Looks really cool.

I think your collection is most righteous!

Thanks! Great way to decorate and maximize the pinball density in your life.

I display some homemade art