Pin Wars IV Pinball show & tournament nov 2015 Michigan

games on free play, tournaments with big guarantee payouts, fun for the whole family.
bring a game= get in free (pinball or video or other) plus other incentives.
november 6,7, 8 (2015).

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Game 1 classics= ZODIAC

Game 1 OPEN= Elvira

anyone who wants to fly, fly into FNT, NOT DTW. DTW (detroit) is too far. FNT (FLint) is 10 minutes from the venue. FNT many times is cheaper and its also just easier. dtw is a train wreck.

game #2 classics= jubilee
game #3 classics= bally kiss

game #2 open- roadshow
game #3 open- TAF

game #4 open= tron (or nascar)
game #4 classics= Stars

game#5 for classics
bally beat the clock

partial list of games at event:

Stern Game Of Thrones
judge dredd (restored “AP” gorgeous)
split second
big game (silky smooth spinners)
title fight (super nice rare example)
beat the clock (bally) (another rare one)
Kiss (stern)
Kiss (bally)
Alien star (real nice)
harlem globetrotters
genesis (restored clean)
black pyramid (Home use only…except for 3 shows…lol basically)
mars trek
cyclone (just restored)
atlantis (just done too)
jackbot (freshly shopped)
nba fast break (just restored)
bram stokers dracula (same as above)
rocky & bullwinkle
old chicago (super clean)
attack from mars
dragon (interflip) (the one and only legendary game)
ms pac man
tokyo drift fast and furious
maximum force/area 51
megatouch evo force
bride of pinbot (just done)
roadshow (just restored)
the walking dead
congo (fresh and clean)
grand lizard (the nicest example on the planet)
fire (champagne)
future spa
Stars (gorgeous example)
tri zone (sample game) (super nice too)
tri zone (normal)
meteor (clear coated playfield, fast)
jubilee (thx todd)
stingray (nice one here too)
Gorgar (pimped and powder coated)
monster bash
stern star trek
iron man (ve)
black sheep squadron (thx Dustin)
nitro ground shaker (saucer that like to shoot ball down middle papa style)
satan’s hallow
make trax

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