Pin-Masters of Rhode Island, 6/1

Still a few spots available for Saturday, June 1st. The 3rd event in the Pin-Masters of New England 2019 series.

Can also track the series at our new website

Come join us at Flip Side for the Pin-Masters of Rhode Island. You’ll play a 18-hole course consisting of 14 machines on location and 4 on location at neighboring bars, scoring from 1-10 strokes per hole. The field will be capped at 36 players who will play in 3 person groups with the top 16 players making it to the playoffs. Playoffs will consist of the same scoring with top 2 from every group advancing until we crown a champion.

Registration is open so follow this event for the latest info.

Additional details:

$30 entry fee
Fee breakdown: $20 to payouts & trophies, $9 to Pin-Masters of New England Finals, $1 to IFPA

Games will be on coin drop.

Points earned based on finishing position go toward Pin-Masters of New England standings. Each state Pin-Masters battle will award points based on final standings.

Finals format:

PAPA style
Top 16 (or 50% if the field is < 32 players)
4 person groups, 3 games
Pin-golf scoring
3 rounds
Top seed in playoff groups picks game or order, seed holds from game to game. Each game can be picked once in playoffs.

$40 prize for the player with the best score during qualifying.

Estimated Payouts:
1st: 50%; 2nd: 30%; 3rd: 12%, 4th: 8%

Prepaid Registration required to guarantee a slot for participation.

To register, send $30 via PayPal (please use the Friends and Family option) to:

100% refunds for cancellations until May 25th. After May 25th, 100% refund if your spot is taken by another player.

WPPR points will be awarded.


A little bit more about the location, if you haven’t been or are considering an impromptu pinball trip:

Westerly is directly off of I-95, 3 hours north of NYC and 1.5 hours south of Boston.
The bar is directly across the street from an Amtrak station that goes to NYC and Boston. There’s a lot of cool restaurants and shops, and its only a short drive to the beach and to Watch Hill, where famous pinball player and musician Taylor Swift has a home.*

The games at Flip-side are of impeccable quality. They’re owned by local collectors Mark and Dana Carvey, who are really obsessed with making sure the games play correctly.

It’s probably gonna be worth decent WPPRs (20ish? Maybe even more).

around half the field will qualify, and even those that don’t are guaranteed 18 games of competitive pinball. Can’t say enough about this series of tourney. I hope you’ll consider making a trip for this if you live nearby!

*Taylor Swift may or may not play pinball.