Pin-Masters of Maine, 7/7

Still a few spots available for Saturday, 7/7. The 3rd event in the Pin-Masters of New England.

Can also track the circuit at our new website

Come join us at JR’s for the Pin-Masters of Maine. You’ll play an 18-hole (machine) course with scoring from 1-10 strokes per hole. The field will be capped at 36 players with the top 16 players making it to the playoffs. Playoffs will consist of the same scoring with top 2 from every group advancing until we crown a champion.

Registration will open shortly. Follow this event for the latest info.

Additional details:

$40 entry fee
Fee breakdown: $20 to payouts & trophies, $10 to the house, $9 to Pin-Masters of New England Finals, $1 to IFPA

Points earned based on finishing position go toward Pin-Masters of New England standings. Each state Pin-Masters battle will award points based on final standings.

Finals format:

PAPA style
Top 16 (or 50% if the field is <32 players)
4 person groups, 3 games
Pin-golf scoring
3 rounds
Top seed in playoff groups picks games; order is seed for first game then same order as normal play, aka lowest score first. Ties broken for player order via same play order in previous game.

$40 prize for the player with the best score during qualifying.

1st: 50%; 2nd: 30%; 3rd: 12%, 4th: 8%

Estimated payouts based on full field of 36 players and $50 for trophies:
1st: $315; 2nd: $189; 3rd: $76, 4th: $50

Prepaid Registration required to guarantee a slot for participation.

To register, send $40 via PayPal (please use the Friends and Family option) to

100% refunds for cancellations until Saturday, June 30. After June 30, 100% refund if your spot is taken by another player.

WPPR points will be awarded.

Tomorrow is the big day! Still a few spots available, if interested let Jeff Parsons know and he will hold a spot for you. At this point it makes the most sense to pay at the door compared to PayPal.

Here is an idea of what to expect:

Doors open at 10 for practice on all machines and check in.

10:30 tee time

Groups will be 3 players each, seeded by ifpa ranking (top, mid, low). 2 player groups will be used as needed.

This is done so help groups play equally across games so noone needs to wait for games and the day goes smoothly and quickly.

There will be no set lunch break, so plan accordingly. Groups can choose to take their food break when they agree to. No longer then 45 minutes.

Holes will be played in order with no skipping unless instructed by a TD.

Finals will be as close to 50 percent as we can get.

See everyone tomorrow, any questions, please post here.