Pin-Masters/Nationals/Women's Game List - 2019 version

tentative list, always subject to change:

Bally 4 Queens (1970)
Bally Time Zone (1973)
Gottlieb Abra Ca Dabra (1975)
Stern Stars (1978)
Bally Paragon (1979)
Stern Seawitch (1980)
Bally Viking (1980)
Williams Barracora (1981)
Williams Sorcerer (1985)
Midway Black Rose (1992)
Williams Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure (1993)
Stern Iron Man (2010)
Stern X-Men Pro (2012)
Stern Tron Legacy Pro (2012)
Stern Star Trek LE (2013)
Stern Game of Thrones Pro (2015)
Attack From Mars Remake LE (2017)
Stern Star Wars Premium (2017)


Midway? Black Rose

Manufacturer: Midway Manufacturing Company, a subsidiary of WMS Industries, Incorporated,
of Chicago, Illinois, USA (1988-1999) [Trade Name: Bally ]

Agreed, this game has Bally written all over it…

For those of you attending Pin-Masters/Women’s Worlds/Nationals, I wanted to pass along the hotel agent I used last year and just made reservations through them for this year, too.
Through the agency (Sin City VIP), I was able to get a room for 4 nights at the Rio, total cost (excl. resort fee and taxes) of around $150. Not $150/night. $150 for all FOUR nights.

Name of agency: Sin City VIP
Phone: 702-576-7111
Person’s name I’ve dealt with: Justin Swinney

I thought it was a scam last year when they got me a similar ridiculously low price at Bally’s for 4 nights, but my reservation and accommodations went through smoothly. So I’m using them again this year.

FYI: here’s some quick 4-night totals of the other properties they quoted on the strip…
Bally’s: [$210]
Harrahs: [$215]
LinQ: [$280]
Flamingo: [$300]
Paris: [$330]
Planet Hollywood: [$400]
Caesars: [$440]

YMMV on what they quote you. There’s no referral incentive for me, etc. – I’m just sharing an opportunity to save money with a business that provided value to me.
Hopefully this saves some money for others attending. See you in Vegas!


I wish you had posted this two weeks ago when I was booking. Yikes. what a deal.

Thanks for the info! How much with the exuberant resort fees and taxes added in?

Rio resort fees are $32/night. I don’t know how much the taxes are. Some other properties on the strip are $35+

Anyone in Vegas heading to the 10am Thursday practice session that wants to share a ride? I’m at the Rio hotel.

Congratulations to Keri and @Smack847 ! Outstanding play by both of yuz. Very fun to watch!