Pin in Provence?

Bon jour everybody! I’m beginning to have serious withdrawls. Does anybody know any place to play in Provence? I’m close to Avignon now, and traveling to Nice. Found a MM in Cannes, but it’s been 5 long days without any playing now, which can’t be healthy in the long run. Merci!


Gosh that sounds terrible! Your poor thing :wink:

Super jealous and I have no suggestions. I would call the Paris Pinball Museum and ask them if they know.

@JimiWolf - For Belgium I find that is pretty good for finding pins. Searching for example Lyon, France shows seven locations.

It’s a tough life, traveling around Provence :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody for being so understanding to my plight. The website was a good tip too! I went to a market in Avignon and asked the usual question of whether there were any “flipper” around. This time the person I spoke to said to go to a movie theater. I found the game room, and there, in the far corner, stood a Metallica! Wa Hoo! Not the latest code, but who cares!? Life just got better. Maybe my wife who was waiting for 2 hrs in the car would disagree, but hey, she’s got 3 new hand bags to play with.

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Here’s another fun fact about French pinball. One euro equals one game, two euro equals three games, three euro equals seven games. Seven!