PHILA Pinball Presents: PracticeBurgh!

Hi Everyone! We’re going to be running a Pinburgh-esque practice event in Philadelphia two weeks before the main event, and we’re calling it “PracticeBurgh”.

PHILA Pinball Presents PracticeBurgh

Sunday, July 15, 2018, 10am
Pinball Gallery in Malvern, PA
10 Rounds of Group Match-Play
Single Games on Various Eras of Machines
Split Into Divisions After Round 5
"Practice Finals" for all participants after Round 10

Tickets are available here:

The cost is $35, which will cover all-day entry into Pinball Gallery, ticketing fees, and contributions to the Prize Pool.

We are capping the entry at 48 players. After those entries are sold out, we will maintain a waiting list. Refunds will be given up to seven days before the event.

A basic rules document is here:

Please drop us a note if you have any questions!

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Man I was really wondering how you were going to manage 10 rounds in a single day until I saw it was single-game groups :slight_smile:

Best of luck, this looks super fun.

Thanks! “MiniBurgh” was the other name I was considering for the event given that it’s one-game rounds. Pinball Gallery also has some fast-playing older games that (if we group it right) should get through some of the rounds quickly.

Remember to use similar speed pins across all groups for each round, if possible. If you’re using MatchPlay, you can group pins into two categories: Fast and Slow playing. And then alternate rounds on which category you draw Arenas from. In a single round, you don’t want one group playing Slick Chick while another one plays GOTG. :slight_smile:


I guess since I’m going to win Pinburgh I mine as well win this first.

Hello Everyone!

PracticeBurgh Ticket Status
As of this note, we have 36 tickets of 48 sold so far for the event! If you know of someone who would like to register, the link is here:

Attendee List
Here is the Registered Attendee list:

Questions? if you have any questions, please do drop us a line!

The event is just a few days away, and we are very excited! We have 43 of 48 spots filled up. If you know of someone that would like to attend, please tell them to get a ticket ASAP!

MatchPlay Link
Here is the MatchPlay Link and Attendee List for the event:

Side Games!
Aside from the event itself, we have some awesome side games that will be going on during the event!

  • TNA Reactor Challenge - There will be a Solo contest and a Pairs contest (using Co-op mode). Get the most reactors, with ties broken by score. $1 a person, with money raised going to the MS Society and Project Pinball.
  • Closest Without Going Over - Get as close to the target score as you can on El Dorado! No cost to enter.
  • Boxing Contest - Get the most Punches on Title Fight while wearing Boxing Gloves. No cost to enter.
  • One-Ball - Iron Man will be set to one ball. High score wins. This will be a Project Pinball Charity game.

Side Games are subject to change and partially contingent on whether these sweet American Flag boxing gloves arrive on time:


attn @JSwain

That is great. I sold ours though. People played the crap outta it. Great idea!

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Boxing Gloves are in! They have successfully been tested on the LOTR at my office.


One more spot open for PracticeBurgh before we open up the waitlist:


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Just time for a brief recap of the day, with more to come in the days ahead.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the event today! We hope people enjoyed the competition and had fun.

Congrats to the winners of the divisions!


  1. Joel Zingone
  2. Nathaniel Gibson
  3. Bob Choate
  4. John Shopple


  1. Rick Prince
  2. Bill Shupp
  3. Jonathan Singleton
  4. Daniel Gilbert


  1. Richard Kennison
  2. Casey Cuene
  3. Stephen Haberman
  4. Victor Scelba

We’ll get the final standings for everyone posted within the next few days.

Side Game Winners

Iron Man One-Ball Challenge

  1. Bob Choate - 44M
  2. Christian Line - 15M
  3. Rick Prince - 11M

Title Fight Boxing Gloves Challenge

  1. Allison Young - 44 Punches
  2. Kevin Lubanski - 36 Punches
  3. Matt Gusler - 35 Punches

El Dorado Closest Without Going Over Challenge (Target: 20,110)

  1. Steven Haberman - 20,100
  2. Casey Cuene - 20,010
  3. Allison Young - 19,830

Total Nuclear Annihilation Reactor Challenge (Single)

  1. Bob Choate - 4 Reactors
  2. Jay Robinson - 3 Reactors
  3. Daniel Gilbert - 1 Reactor

Total Nuclear Annihilation Reactor Challenge (Co-Op)

  1. Bob Choate/Jay Robinson - 2 Reactors (1.3M)
  2. Casey Cuene/Bill Shupp - 2 Reactors (990K)
  3. Anita Thallmayer/Sue Lubanski - 0 Reactors

A Very Big Thanks To:

Pinball Gallery for letting us host the event -

Rage Tilt Pinball for Streaming -

Dennis Gardner of Gardner’s Glass for our AMAZING 1st Place Trophy -

Sarah and Christian Line (a.k.a. Mrs. Pin and Dr. Pin) for bringing some awesome baked good for everyone.

Casey Cuene, Jay Robinson, Brandon Service, Nathaniel Gibson, and Chad Hastings for stepping up as Tournament Directors.

Ryan Weicker and Stephanie Yee for picking up the food for us (in the rain) today.

Sarah Line and Matt Minton for taking photos during the event.

Joe Fox, Nathaniel Gibson, Casey Cuene, Chad Hastings, and Chris Thomas for bringing the extra laptops that we needed to run the event.

And finally, Charlie Bucks for the never-ending supply of giant green pens.


We’re working on compiling photos together from the event. If you have have photos and don’t mind us sharing them more widely, it would be appreciated if you could drop them to

Thank you again for everyone’s support of the event. If you have any feedback (both positive and negative) we want to hear it! We want to continue to improve these events moving forward, so let us know what you liked and what could be better.

Here’s a picture of our A-Division Champion Joel and a picture of the awesome trophy:


Awesome tournament Corey! Thanks for organizing it.

Learned a valuable lesson about playfield validation on Fun House. A painful time learn though, I coulda been a contenda!

echoing ectobar, great event. tons of fun. and a very cool trophy to boot, hadn’t seen it in person while I was there.

Thanks for coming out, Bob! Better to learn this lesson at PracticeBurgh than at Pinburgh!

I didn’t see a note about Playfield Validation on soft plunges on PinTips, so I’ve gone ahead and added it:

PinTips is invaluable information to use at Pinburgh itself.

Got to give a shoutout to Dennis Gardner again for the custom-made glass trophy for the event! -

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I will note that this is actually an adjustment I believe, because I have seen individual Funhouse machines act both ways.

Good to note. I softened the language a bit in the PinTips tip.