PATL- "Pinball at the Lake Match Play Classic"!

Limited to 48 players - PLEASE SIGN UP AT

October 10th & 11th, 2015

Lake Alice Trading Co.
3616 University Ave.
Riverside, CA 92501

On-site Registration and check-in at 9:30am
Practice from 10am-10:30am
Qualifying match play rounds start at 10:30am and continue until 9:00pm or until all finals slots are filled.
Finals on Sunday, October 11th starting at 10am.

Format: Target Match Play
Entry Fee: WPPR rank 1-250: $60, rank 251+: $30
Game list: TBA
IFPA sanctioned event!

Qualification Rounds:

Players will be placed into four-player groups (occasionally three-player) to compete on an individual, randomly selected machine.
Points will be awarded based upon performance on that machine (3/2/1/0) and added to a running total for the tournament.
A player qualifies for finals by reaching or passing a target value of 21 points at which point the player no longer competes in the qualification rounds.
Match play will continue until all available finals positions are filled. If the time allotted for match play expires prior to filling all finals positions, the remaining positions will be filled based upon rankings tabulated at the conclusion of the final match play round.

Final Rounds:
Top 8 go to ‘A’ finals, next 8 go to ‘B’ finals.
Players with WPPR rankings 1-250 will be restricted from playing in ‘B’ finals.
Players that placed in the top 4 in ‘A’ or received 1st in ‘B’ for 2013/2014 will be restricted from playing in ‘B’ finals.
4 Player groups with the same scoring as the qualification rounds (3/2/1/0).
(If we have 40 or more players, we will increase ‘A’ finals to top 12)

Side Tournament

POP (Pinball Outreach Project) event!
Game TBA – Format: LimiFLIP!
Ends 30 minutes after the conclusion of Match Play finals on Sunday
Open to all, including those not in the Match Play tournament

Come join us…If you like Pinburgh, you’ll like PATL!


“LimiFLIP!” ???

100 flips, how much can you score??

If I understand what Karl described to me the other day, you’ll get say 30* flips to start and there will be a way to refill the flip meter.

*my made up number

Wouldn’t Belsito use up all 30 flips before he plunges his first ball?


Yeah, my normal pre plunge routine will have to be modified!

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I’ll run a stream showing it off once I finished the prototype. Waiting on a few more parts to arrive for the large 7-segment displays. Plan is to set the counter at X flips and have one or two additional switches on the playfield reset the counter or add value to the counter. The shooter lane switch will also reset the counter to max value. Flip when the counter is at zero and you’ll get a tilt warning. We haven’t picked the game yet for this so no clue what the value will be set at.


you can just soft plunge back to the inlane switch to reset :wink:

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Heh, synchronicity of the universe… we’ve been talking about something like this for an FSPA party contest… although the way we were going with it, you’d get X flips per flipper, with no way to reset during the game, so once you ran out of flips, you’d be done.

Too funny. As I wanted the hardware to be adaptable to any game from any era, I was having a hard time figuring out how best to perform the first ball counter reset and also not require an attendant thus the shooter lane reset idea. And yes, I know some games don’t have shooter lane switches.

I believe our hardware guru (that’s definitely not me :wink: ) is planning a WPC interface, and manual reset… somewhat less ambitious than you describe. I like your idea of having a target(s) on the playfield to “recharge”. Seems really reminiscent of the old Wild West Pinball Fest gimmick contests, or one of PAPA’s mini-contests. Fun stuff. :smile:

I loved watching the Thundertilt stuff on AC/DC. Pure genius and really funny to watch.


My break from competitive play is paying off, in the form of $30!

Can’t wait!


Over 50% of the available spots filled!
Sign up today!

Game list coming soon!

Hoops?!? :grinning:

Yes, HOOPS!! :slight_smile:

With spinner installed? :wink:

How you guys plan on setting it up?

My HOOPS! at home I’ve found the best setup to be allowing the lane change at the top to light the locks (so it’s not a luck box shot up there every time), but then forcing players to lock both balls to start multiball (with any locked balls being kicked out at the end of the ball if you don’t consummate the mb start).

Love me some HOOPS!

With “dialed” spinner installed! :slight_smile:

I need to experiment with it some…i kind of like having to nudge your way to lighting lock.

Cool, you have a Hoops! too! :wink: