PATL - Pinball at the Lake Match Play Classic!

HI all! Time to mark your calendars!

2-Day match-play tournament held at Lake Alice in Riverside, Ca

Sat Sept 29th and Sunday Sept 30th

IFPA sanctioned event!

Maximum number of players is 48, registration coming soon and will be announced here.

If we get at least 40 players we will bump the ‘A’ division to: top-12 qualify.

On-site registration (if available) and check-in: 9:30am
Practice from 10am-10:30am
Qualifying match play rounds start at 10:30am and continue until 9:00pm or until all finals slots are filled.
Finals on Sunday, Sept 30th starting at 10am.

Format: Target Match Play
Entry Fee: WPPR rank 1-250: $70, rank 251+: $45
Game list: TBA

Qualification Rounds:

Players will be placed into four-player groups (occasionally three-player) to compete on an individual, randomly selected machine.
Points will be awarded based upon performance on that machine (3/2/1/0) and added to a running total for the tournament.
A player qualifies for finals by reaching or passing a target value of 25 points at which point the player no longer competes in the qualification rounds.
Match play will continue until all available finals positions are filled. If the time allotted for match play expires prior to filling all finals positions, the remaining positions will be filled based upon rankings tabulated at the conclusion of the final match play round.

Final Rounds:

Top 8 go to ‘A’ finals, next 8 go to ‘B’ finals.
Players with WPPR rankings 1-250 will be restricted from playing in ‘B’ finals.
Players that placed 1st for 2016/2017 will be restricted from playing in ‘B’ finals.
4 Player groups with the same scoring as the qualification rounds (3/2/1/0).

Side Tournament - Game TBA, Format: TBA

Watch here and for more details and updates!

We would love for you to join us!


Sign up here:

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7 spots remain…sign up today!

Tick tock tick tock…4 spots remain!

Sold out!

Please visit to be added to the waitlist. Possible that a few more spots will be added…stay tuned!

…and have a great weekend all!


…and then there were 56!
2 games will be added to the PATL lineup, which increases the # of players to 56! :slight_smile:

The 1st 8 people on the waitlist will be contacted. If you are interested in playing, join the waitlist!..There is a good chance some players will have to back out as we get closer to the event date.


What time is it…?
Time to post some PATL games… :slight_smile:

Future Spa
Barb Wire
Black Rose
+6 more…stay tuned!

Project Pinball Side-Tourney: ASSAULT!

Also…wait-list is moving a bit!
On the fence? - Join the wait-list!

3 weeks and counting!

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hope you worked on that kick out? :smiley:

Gosh…I hope so! :slight_smile:

2 weeks away…more game updates!

+3 more

Project Pinball Side Tourney:

Assault!..on Safe Cracker! (Should be a fun live-stream!) :slight_smile:

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It’s interesting that you chose to charge people not in the IFPA top 250 less money. There were a number of people who stayed home from NW Champs because they essentially viewed it as a donation to one of the top 250 players, and it did kind of shake out like that with 15 of the top 24 and three of the four players in the finals being top 250.

Was that decision well received at the event? The only similar thing I’ve seen is giving discounts or free entries to people who travelled a long way.

Haven’t heard any complaints…sold out pretty fast this year. We’re always trying to get more people interested in tournament pinball. :slight_smile:

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PATL is almost here! We are very much look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday!

All registered players should have received an email with the following information:

Saturday check-in will start as close to 9:30am as possible, practice at 10:00am, and the tournament will begin at 10:30am. Please be on time. The print out from Eventbee is not required. Late-comers can be accommodated, however, they will receive -zero- points for each round missed. There will be a meal break from approximately 3:30pm-4:30pm, dependent upon round timing due to the flexible format. New rounds will begin immediately after all groups have completed play. Saturday qualifying will end when we have 20 players qualified, or at 9:00pm, whichever comes first.

Finals will be held Sunday beginning at 10:00am for qualified players.

Standings will be online at

Tournament Games
Barb Wire
Black Rose
Future Spa
Game of Thrones
Iron Maiden
NBA Fastbreak
Theatre of Magic
World Cup Soccer
Joker Poker

All games should be at Lake Alice available for practice by Friday evening if you want to become acquainted with them. Many of them are there already for those that have time to visit before then. During the tournament the games will be set on coin drop. No practice is allowed between tournament rounds, but the side tournament can be played at anytime!

The Project Pinball side tournament is “ASSAULT”
1/2 of proceeds from the side tournament, and 1/2 of the main tourney coin drop, will go to Project Pinball.


We have 1 spot open for PATL…

Streaming finally at!


I cannot believe who took 1st… what IS GOING ON?!? O_O




But I’d also like to congratulate our SDPC’s very own streammaster @mwelsh on his excellent third place finish. Crushed it all weekend. :metal:


From ‘The Plague’ to the ‘Italian Stallion’! :grin: